Chiuso Per Ferie: Italy in August

August in Italy

Thinking about a trip to Italy in August?

Be prepared. All across the boot you are sure to see, “Chiuso Per Ferie” or “Closed for Holidays”.

Italy in August

Ferragosto marks the start to Italy’s vacation season. The streets in Alba started to thin out last week as shops began to shutter with closure signs papering the doors.

August in Italy

Ferragosto is an interesting phenomenon to this American girl. At home everyone picks vacation dates, requests them off, and goes on their merry way. By design holidays rarely coincide – can’t have everyone gone at the same time. I mean, who’s gonna make the company money? 

August in Italy

Ferragosto (August 15): Started in ancient times, Ferragosto celebrates harvest and the conclusion of major agricultural work. The festivities signify the start to a rest period after hard summer labor.   

August in Italy

What can you do during August in Italy?

  • Be Prepared: Research in advance to know what is open and what is not. Identify and plan your adventures around Ferragosta festivities.
  • Head to the beach: The beach is a popular Ferragosto destination for Italians, so prices are at a premium and lodging fills fast. Book everything well in advance. Popular destinations include Sicily, Sardenia, The Ligurian Sea, and The Italian Riviera. 
  • Palio di Siena: The summer’s second helping of the world-famous horse race in Siena takes place on August 16. Plan in advance to experience the excitement. 
  • Gran Ballo di Ferragosto: Bring your dancing shoes to Rome. The dance party offers a different dance in each city square.
  • Festa del Mare (Diano Marina): If you are in the Liguria check out this festival of the sea, complete with fireworks. 

August in Italy

My first Ferragosto. It’s my first time in Italy in August. Il Ragazzo (a.k.a, The Boy) gets two weeks off, so we’re packing up the car for our first European road trip. On the docket: France and Spain. Wine regions, the Mediterranean Sea, good food, and relaxation. 

Buone Vacanze! 

V-dawg OUT.

Song Pick! Summertime, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

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