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The primary focus of Girl’s Gotta Drink is the Piedmont wine region in Italy, as well as travel and wine tasting in Italy and other parts of Europe. I am not a wine writer, but a scribe chronicling the experience of wine and wine travel.

Sample Policy:

Girl’s Gotta Drink is happy (and, often quite excited!) to accept samples of wine as well as wine or travel products to review. If I like the product and believe my readers will benefit from it, I will do a post or include information in an appropriate topic. However, placement is not guaranteed.

Press Trips, Tours, Events, or Visits:

Girl’s Gotta Drink is happy (and again, often quite excited!) to experience wine tours, cooking courses, specialty wine tasting programs, and other activities as available. My primary focus has been Italy and France. But, I welcome broader travel opportunities, as it pertains to the focus of the site.

I appreciate any and all opportunities to experience your programs, but I cannot promise a placement on the blog or across social media channels. To maintain the integrity of my site and message, I only write about something that I believe benefits my readers.

Food Experiences and Wine Tasting in Italy:

Girl’s Gotta Drink offer wine and food tours in the Piedmont wine region as well as other parts of Italy. Our Italy wine tour programs are highly customized, so if your activities are unique, we certainly want to hear about them and often work with producers, vendors, and service providers to craft specialty activities to give our clients a unique and personal experience. The more unique and exciting, the better chance of a write-up on the site and / or inclusion in a tour offer.

Our tour offer includes, but is not limited to:

Marketing and Freelance Writing:

I am also available for marketing support and freelance writing. For professional background, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

For more information, please submit a request here: