Welcome to Girl’s Gotta Drink!

Ciao, ciao – and thank you for visiting! I launched this site in 2012 to chronicle my wine and travel adventures when I moved to Piedmont, Italy. Today it serves as a wine and travel resource for the Piedmont region. When I started visiting the area there was limited tourist information online, so I wanted to create a site that makes the Piedmont wine region accessible to would-be travelers. I aim to answer questions from a visitor’s perspective, pulling from both my days as a tourist here and from my interactions with readers and our Barolo wine tour clients. You’ll find tips on where to eat, how to get around, Piedmont wine, Barbaresco and Barolo tours, food experiences, and more.

In addition to the Piedmont wine region, I also write about the other wine regions we visit around Italy as well as France, Spain, Germany, and more. If you are in the area, reach out – my husband (a.k.a. Il Marito) and I do wine tours in Barolo, Barbaresco, Franciacorta, and Tuscany. Cin cin!