About Me (the wino)!

Hi, I’m Valerie Quintanilla, but please call me Val. Thanks for visiting me here at Girl’s Gotta Drink!

I started my little site back in 2012 as a way to occupy my time during my early expat days. The region has long seemed elusive to would-be travelers with little information available online. My approach in my writing here has been to answer questions I had as a visitor to the area, but with the insight of a local.

My background is marketing / PR / event planning; something I did back in my pre-expat days in Denver, Colorado. I adapted my skills to my travel planning services, so my clients get a well-rounded experience, learning all aspects of wine and culture, on the level that is right for them. 

A heartfelt thank you to our readers, our producer network (wine and food), and guests who have trusted us with their travel plans. My work does not save lives, but I like to think we are enriching them. Certainly, those I have met through this great adventure enrich ours.

Cin cin!

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