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The wines from our first offer have been arriving and we love to see the photos – keep ’em coming!

Thanks to everyone for your support! We’re hoping with this next offer, we’ll be able to hit 1500 eu for our donation. For our second wine offer, we’ll take you a little beyond the traditional Piedmont wines as well as more amazing options of the usual suspects. 

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And, stay tuned for some recipes and pairing ideas that are coming for local wines. I’ve been working with Denise of Castello di Sinio who runs the hotel and is a kick-ass chef.

So, we’re coming up with some fun recipes and pairing ideas for Piedmont wines that are easy to make in lockdown with everyday pantry staples. 


Piedmont Wines, Beyond the usual 

Cascina Gavetta Langhe Nascetta Comune di Novello DOC 2018, Price: 24€

Cascina Gavetta is a long-time wine-producing family in Novello with a fantastic south-west facing vineyard location, giving it excellent exposure. Fermentation and aging are exclusively in stainless steel. 

Have you met my friend Nascetta? 

The nascetta grape offers a fascinating look at Langhe history. Indigenous to the Barolo winemaking commune of Novello, the grape was believed to be extinct after phylloxera hit because producers chose to replant more profitable grapes. In the 1990s, a wild vine was found by a farmer in Novello. It was sent to Turin for DNA testing and found to be nascetta. At that time a small group of producers decided to bring it back as a single varietal wine. In the 1800s, the grape was used as a blending grape, most commonly with favorita and moscato.

The family only produces about 1000 bottles, so this is a rare, exclusive offer. Stefano suggests getting a few bottles to open over the years to experience the evolution of this ancient Langhe grape. 

Tasting note: A white aromatic, fresh wine showing citrus and fruit on the nose with a rich, savory finish. The wine gives great minerality and good aging potential. 

Raineri Dogliani DOCG Dolcetto 2018, Price: 20€

 Raineri makes about 5000 bottles of dolcetto in the 35-year-old single vineyard of Zovetto. The vinification process is only inox stainless steel to preserve the great fruit and freshness of the wine. 

Tasting note: Enjoyable and pleasant, velvet, and not tannic or dry in the finish. 


Scarpa Barbera d’Asti DOCG Casa Scarpa 2016 2017, Price: 22€

A beautiful, fresh version of the barbera grape from where it is indigenous: the Monferrato. The wine is from one of the most iconic and historical cellars in Southwestern Piedmont. 

Most people don’t think of the barbera grape as ageable, but the high acidity gives it a long life. And, Scarpa’s I Bricchi vineyard area is truly unique, giving some of the most complex and rich expressions of barbera on the market. Even Scarpa’s younger drinking barbera releases later than most steel-aged Barbera d’Asti wines. 

The wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel for around 24 months. The vintage is outstanding and you can enjoy this bottle for the next 10 years.

Tasting note: Dry, fresh, and powerful wine with a long finish. 

Update: We didn’t expect this!! We sold out of the 2016 quite quickly, so now we’ve got 2017 – it fantastic! 

Viberti Alberto Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2018, Price: 27€

At 21 years old, Alberto Viberti represents the next generation of Barolo winemakers and 2018 is only his second vintage. This gorgeous nebbiolo from sand / clay soil shows richness, elegance, and tantalizing fruit. 

The vineyard is 25 years old – older than the winemaker! 

Fermented in concrete and aged in stainless steel. Only about 1000 bottles were made. Stefano says to buy a few and stock at least one away as this producer gains recognition.   

Tasting note: Rich and complex with silky tannins and spicy finish. New is coming! 


Cascina Roccalini Barbaresco DOCG Roccalini 2016, Price: 53€

Made from a great grand cru with only 7000 bottles produced. The young winemaker’s father worked this vineyard for 35 years, selling the grapes for winemaking and bottling to Gaja. 

One of the best Barbaresco wines out there. 

Stefano, La Vite Turchese. 

Organic and maniacal work in the vineyard, 24 months in barrel, and another 28 months in bottle. 

Tasting note: Fruity and intensity but at the same time elegance and finesse. Top wine and top vintage.

Franco Conterno Barolo DOCG 2015, Price: 44€

A wonderful family estate in Monforte d’Alba who has made classic Baroli for more than 50 years. The classic Barolo is a blend of different vineyards, owned by the family, surrounding the winery.

The average vine age is 35 years, fermentation is done in stainless steel with about a two-month skin maceration. Aging is 24 months in big barrel, then another 20 months in bottles. 

Tasting note: A truly great Barolo with rich complexity with a perfect balance of tannin for a rough, powerful wine. This wine is a big deal.

Franco Conterno.

Raineri Barolo DOCG Perno 2016, Price: 69€

After working for some of the area’s top cellars, three Langhe natives decided in 2008 to start producing their own wines. Their philosophy is to make a small number of bottles with a crazy good quality.

Mamma mia! One of the most impressive 2016s I have tasted. And, I taste a lot.  The 2016 vintage in Barolo is one of the best of the last 15 years…  You will love it for sure!

Stefano, La Vite Turchese

Perno is a single vineyard in the powerful Barolo winemaking area of Monforte. The vines are low yield and age 24 months in large oak barrel. Only 3000 bottles were made – limit of three bottles per order. 

Pro tip: Get this and the Franco Conterno to taste the difference in a single vineyard and an assemblaggio Barolo from Monforte. 

Tasting note: Black with violet and cherry nose, big mouth and silky tannins in the finish.

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