3 Gotta Eat Piedmont Pizza Stops

Monday Munchies: 3 Delish Stops for Pizza in Piedmont

Don’t miss these three great Piedmont pizza stops. Great grub and a nice glass of wine. That’s Amore!

Stop 1: Pizza in Barolo

Osteria Pizzeria Per Bacco, Via Roma, 30, 12064 La Morra, Cuneo, Italy. Closed Mondays.

The village of La Morra perches high above the Barolo zone. The fantastic view of the Langhe and wine tasting options are just a couple reasons to visit this adorbs village. The third may well be for a true Neapolitan pie at Pizzeria Per Bacco – one of the few Piedmont pizzerias with the coveted “Pizza Vera” quality label.

Vera Pizza Label: The EU Neapolitan Pizza Traditional Speciality Guarantee Pizza makers in Naples spent 25 years working to get their product protected. In 2010 it became recognized as a TSG, or Traditional Speciality Guaranteed label by the EU making Neapolitan pizza an official part of Europe’s food heritage.

What does it mean? All pizzerias who display the “Vera Pizza” label are vetted by a special commission who assure stringent quality standards are met with specified ingredients and cooking methods. Includes use of San Marzano tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella. When you see this label, know that you are getting the real deal.

Pizzeria Per Bacco offers a gorgeous patio filled with flowers and some lovely vineyard views. And, the pizza is amazing. Pizza, wine, and a full menu – a great Piedmont pizza stop.

Stop 2: Pizza in Alba 

Ristorante Pizzeria Cincilla, Via Giacosa 2, Alba, Cuneo, Italy. Open Daily for lunch and dinner. Cincilla is a frequent stop for Il Ragazzo and I – it’s just around the corner from our apartment. Danger, Will Robinson! Monday Munchies: 3 Delish Stops for Pizza in Piedmont Perfect town center location (about 10 meters off the main street, Via Maestra and about 100 meters from Piazza Savona). I always wonder how many years the little Nonno has been rolling out dough and building pizzas to go in his wood-fired oven.

The ristorante offers a full menu and a regional wine list. Spring, summer, and fall means ample al fresco dining with room inside as well. If you fancy a night in it’s a great place for takeout. For less than 10 euros a pizza you get the entertainment of watching your pizza made, then taking it home to eat.

Stop 3: Pizza in Barbaresco

Pizzeria L’Angolo Di Andrea, Piazza Giovannone, 10, Castagnole Lanze, Cuneo, Italy. These pizzas are no joke – just look at the sizes. The crust spills over the plate.  Monday Munchies: 3 Gotta Eat Piedmont Pizza StopsPizza comes in three sizes here: regular, extra large, and double XL. Or, as I call it Baby Bear, Mamma Bear, and Poppa Bear size. Just check out the Mamma Bear size compared to Poppa Bear. Man, if Goldlocks is on the prowl, she better be hungry. Monday Munchies: 3 Gotta Eat Piedmont Pizza StopsMuch like the portion sizes they have a hefty menu of antipasti, pasta, entrees, docli, and of course – pizza! The super thin crusts makes it almost seem less gluttonous. Almost. Yeah, do it.

Hey – we do Piedmont wine tours. If you want a pizza tour, we’ll happily oblige.

Cin Cin! V-dawg Out.

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Got a Piedmont food stop you want me to trouble shoot? Drop me a note. On it.

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