Piedmont, Italy Photo Stream: Take 2

Piemonte Italy cappucino
My first adventure in cappuccino in Italia - why did I wait so long? Sigh.

Features in this Piedmont Italy photo stream include:

  • My first pizza with Italy as my new home (c’mon, that’s totally celebration-worthy).
  • My first cappuccino.
  • My first rugby match.

Thursday, June 20: PIZZA!

Piedmont Italy Photo Stream: Take 2

Ristorante Pizzeria Cincilla, just ’round the corner from our apartment. Fresh ingredients and made right in front of us! Buon Appetito! Click for a review of Piedmont’s Top 3 Pizzerias.

Friday, June 21: A Day at Contratto!

Piedmont Italy Photo Stream: Take 2

A day at Contratto included a winery tour and tasting. Stick an ice cube in the glass and vermouth becomes an aperitif!

Saturday, June 22: Cappuccino!

Piedmont Italy Photo Stream: Take 2

My first cappuccino in Italy – why did I wait so long? Sigh…

Saturday, June 22: Rugby, Fermented Grapes, and Gelato! 

Piedmont Italy Photo Stream: Take 2

Piedmont Italy Photo Stream: Take 2

When asked her favorite gelato flavors, Izzie responded, “hazelnut [nocciola] and chocolate [cioccolato]”. Smart kid.

Shorter picture post as we hit a wine tasting party on Sunday that deserves it’s own focus – it’s quite a Piedmont Italy adventure! And, we’re off to Germany.

V-dawg OUT. Ciao Ciao!

Song Pick! Travel On, Neil Young and Crazy Horse


What’s your favorite gelato flavor(s)? Leave a note – inquiring minds want to try!

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    Pistachio – hands down! That pizza looked good and there is a definite wine trending here. Have fun…Mike

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