A Run in Rome with Sight Jogging Tours

Spanish Steps Run

A morning run in Rome anyone? (Shoe shot on the Spanish Steps.)

I’m a runner. And, one of my favorite ways to explore a new city is first thing in the morning with my running shoes. I usually just lace up and head out. But, when I started planning my trip to Rome I decided to see if I could find a guided run that would take me around all the sights. I did. And, it was fantastic.

A run in Rome you won’t soon forget.

I came across Sight Jogging via a Wall Street Journal article, A Way to See Rome in a Day. The mission is to see the city through tourism and sport – not a bad idea considering all the amazing food and drink there is to consume in Rome.

They offer an array of guided tour options for every running level. I picked an eight to 10k route that took me over the Spanish Steps, across St. Peter’s Basilica, through Piazza Navona, by the Pantheon, and past Castel Sant’angelo. There is nothing quite like experiencing the city as it starts come back to life with everything quieter and normally crowded spaces empty.

My tour guide, Kacey, is an American expat who does a couple tours a week, sharing with tourists all she’s learned about Roman history during her tenure in the city. Because Sight Jogging offers tours in different languages there are a list of guides, so Kacey said her tour schedule varies. Languages offered are Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish.

I was seriously impressed with her historical knowledge – if I remember right she’s been in Rome since January. I asked if the guides are required to do a special training to know what to share. She explained that the owner has certain things she thinks are important, but they really get the freedom to talk about what they find most interesting.

The experience was very personalized. My trainer was waiting for me at my accommodations and returned me there when we were done. I have come across a lot of tour options in Europe that require at least two people to book. As a wine tour guide myself I certainly understand the rationale given the time and costs involved in a tour. But, I’ve also done a lot of solo travel in my day, so it’s so nice to find a tour option that caters to the lone wolf.

We made water stops as necessary and she told me to just put on the brakes when I wanted to take pictures. The photo opps were great because the city was so quiet at 8:30 in the morning.

Pantheon Morning Run
The Pantheon is one of the most touristy locations in Rome. There was something special about seeing it bare of people on our morning run.


Rome morning run
The whole of Rome was just starting to wake up.


Spanish Steps Rome
The Spanish Steps.


Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona.

Book it! SightJogging.it

Book your run in Rome with Sight Jogging Tours online here.


  • 1 person, €70 
  • 2 people, €100
  • 3 people, €120 
  • 4 people, €140

Reservations are required and can be made up to 24-hours in advance. The registration form on their site asks for estimated pace so your guide knows your running speed and can plan accordingly. The Sight Jogging website even offers a pace calculator for those who may not know.

Rome Running Tou
My tour guide, Kacey, told me that she once did a tour at 16:00 / 4 pm. The crowds made it impossible to navigate the streets. An early day out will help you miss the crowds and the heat.

Today we leave Rome for a weekend of more travels in Florence. Stay tuned for Rome posts on food and wine walks, an awesome Fiat500 Tour, a traditional Roman dinner at a local’s home, and more. To read them all subscribe in the upper right or follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

And, let me know your favorite ways to see a new city. I’m always up for new ideas!

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