Serving up Sushi in Alba

Monday Munchies: Serving up Sushi in Piedmon

Sushi in Piedmont, Italy! Piedmont does food right. But, as I’ve heard many locals say, “You eat well in Piemonte, but you always eat the same thing!” It’s true, so every once in a while we mix things up. Luckily there is a great sushi place in my little town of Alba. When you’re visiting and cannot possibly do another plate of truffles or carne cruda (ha ha), here’s your guide. 

Wasabi time. C’mon, let’s roll.

Monday Munchies: Serving up Sushi in Piedmont

Hasu, Via Cavour 10, Alba

Hours: Open Daily Lunch: 12:15 – 14:30 Dinner: 19:15 – 24:00

The story: Hasu offers great sushi in Piedmont, they do the rice just right, and the prices are great.


The Food: We each had the lunch special, which came with miso soup (SO Good. SO. GOOD.), a small dish of tuna with sauce, and a plate of sushi. Roll: salmon; Nigiri: salmon, tuna, and prawns.



We gobbled it all down. Then, between four of us, we split an order of tempura and some sort of fantastic baked sushi dish called Alaska Sushi (salmon yum).




The Drinks: For wine, we did a bottle of my summer crush, Erbaluce – La Ruistia, 2012. Then, we were served a surprise complimentary mug of plum sake at the end. Good stuff!


Yep, the place rocks. The only minor thing was a single surly server. Apparently, she always looks like she hates the world, so it’s not personal. She had such a miserable scowl on her face and lacked any semblance of courtesy we all just had to laugh. I suggest you do the same. It’s a great place and she really can be great entertainment – we still got our food in a timely manner, just served with an upside down smile.

Sushi AlbaSushi in Alba

Yep – you can get good sushi in Alba. Who knew? 

If you’re in the Langhe and need a fix outside the amazing Piemontese fare, give either of these a try!

V-dawg OUT.

Song Pick! I Think I’m Turning Japanese, The Vapors

What’s your favorite sushi roll? Sigh, make me miss it!

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