Visit Camogli Italy: A 48-hour Guide

Camogli Italy

I’ve been visiting Camogli Italy since early 2016, even spending Christmas there in 2021. Waves crashing, epic views, endless seafood, crisp pigato and vermentino wines…the village is a favorite Italian Riviera destination of mine. Enjoy my Camogli Guide!  

Find the teeny tiny fishing village of Camogli, Italy1 about hr 20m north of the Cinque Terre and about 25 minutes south of Liguria’s bustling city of Genoa. The charming village has become a favorite seaside stop after searching for less touristy Italian Riveria destinations.

My first couple visits were stops to/from Tuscany. Pro tip: A lunch stop at Ristorante Cenobio dei Dogi is a great stopping point between Florence or Tuscany wine country to Piedmont. The views AND food are amazing! 

Today I’ve stayed in the village many times and have arranged programs for tons of clients – everyone loves it! Especially those who want small towns near Genoa Italy, the country’s sixth largest city.

Consider it for Italian Riveria travel – you won’t be sorry! 


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My first overnight in Camogli came in June 2016, when the ex and I did our first weekend trip before Baby Boy’s scheduled arrival date. Il Ragazzino’a wasn’t set to make his debut for three weeks – and all first babies late, right!? 

Given the circumstances, we splurged and stayed at Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi just off seafront main street. We actually considered doing an extra night because the hotel and location are so amazing, which we thankfully didn’t since little man arrived the day after we got home! That said, if anyone is looking for a Ligiurian baby-moon, I suggest one of the small towns near Genoa Italy, like Camogli. If we’d done that extra night, I expect he would have been born there!

Is Camogli worth visiting? Yes! 

The village offers quiet tranquility, even with a spike of tourists. Most tourists are Italian, making it feel much less suffocating than the (ever beautiful) Cinque Terre. The village serves up amazing food with local specialties like mouth-watering focaccia and heavenly seafood platters. There are plenty of things to do in Camogli, too. It is brimming with waterfront activities as well as hiking trails with stunning seaviews. 

So again, if you are asking if Camogli is worth visiting, it’s a very enthusiastic yes. Below find my list of eateries, activities, and a few other tidbits on visiting Camogli. Enjoy!

Italian Riviera

Visit Camogli

Location, Location

Find Camogli Italy an hour’s drive up the Ligurian coast from the Cinque Terre. It’s connected to neighboring villages like Portofino via seaside hills and cliffs. Navigate by foot, boat, car, or train.

Genoa to Camogli is also about a 25-minute drive, so if you fly in or out of Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport, it’s a quick trip to the sea by car or train. The Camogli San Fruttuoso railway station is right in the village. There are about two direct trains each hour (travel times range from about 29 to 45 minutes), so make it a Genoa day trip or pick it for one of the small towns near Genoa Italy to stay.

How to Get to Camogli

  • Camogli by train: Serviced by the Camogli San Fruttuoso Train Station.
  • Camogli by car: Use the A12 Autostrada from Genoa to Livorno or take the picturesque route from Rapallo to Ruta.

Camogli Parking

Camogli parking, like in most Italian Riveria seaside destinations, is not easy to find as residents hold most spaces.

  • Find free parking at Piazza Matteotti and Via San Rocco.
  • Find pay parking in Via Cuneo and Piazza Matteotti.
  • Another option is the pay lot near the Gulliver shopping center (direction Genoa), which offers regular shuttle service to the town.
  • Note that Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi has free parking onsite for guests, a HUGE bonus to staying there.  

What to do in Camogli

When you visit Camogli, there is not a shortage of activities. From hiking to splashing around in the water, boat trips (sail boat, motor boat, ferry, etc.), explorig the charming shops, day trips for Ligurian wine exploration, Genoa city tours, and more! For beach time, note that it’s a rock beach, not sandy. 

At the end of the article, find a short list of what to do in Camogli (activities and experiences) below. I’ll connect you with a great Camogli tour guide and have lots of other options! 

Visit The San Fruttuoso Abbey

A trip to the San Fruttuoso Abbey is a must for when you visit Camogli. The San Fruttuoso beach sits in a small bay between the medieval romanesque abbey, The San Fruttuoso Abbey is beautifully restored and open to the public. 

San Fruttuoso is only accessible by boat or boat, making it that much more charming. See Christ of the Abyss, the famed underwater bronze statue dating back to 1954 at 17 meters / 56 ft deep. Read about hiking to San Fruttuoso Abbey below. 


hike camogli italy
Camogli to San Rocco hiking marker.

If you want to know what to do in Camogli, hiking is a popular activity with tons of seaside trails ranging from easy and short (30 minutes) to hard and long (4 hours). During my pre-baby stay, we did a short hike to the church of San Rocco. The starting point is located about 25 meters from Hotel Cenobio.

It’s listed as a gentle slope up to San Rocco and I’m sure that is true in real life. But at 37 weeks pregnant the climb felt much more intense. The fact that I gave birth two days later may or may not have factored into my sluggishness – ha! 

The walk takes you through olive trees and woodlands before the reward of the beautiful church and gorgeous views of Camogli and Genoa.

visiting Camogli italy
Thirty-seven weeks pregnant, back when he ate everything I gave him! You can’t tell, but Il Ragazzino was plotting his liberation – a mere 36 hours later. 

There are also hikes to Portofino and tons of other stops or hop the regional train to hike the Cinque Terre, Levanto, Sestri Levanti, and more! 

Camogli to San Rocco Hike

  • Starting Point: via San Bartolomeo, Camogli
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 2.6 km / 1.6 miles total (1.3 km / .8 mile each way) 

The little town of San Rocco has incredible sea views, so you are climbing, but it’s paved and easy to follow. Find food at the top for a break before heading back or continuing on to San Fruttuoso and Portofino. 

Camogli to San Fruttuoso Hike

  • Starting Point: via San Bartolomeo, Camogli; start with the San Rocco hike and continue on to Sa Fruttuoso
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Distance: 10.6 km / 21.2 miles total (5.3 km/ 3.3 miles one way)
  • Elevation Gain: 528 meters / 1732 feet
  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Note that there are two trails to San Fruttoso; the Inland trail is recommended as the Coastal trail is considerably more dangerous. Definitely wear proper hiking attire, shoes with good traction, dress is layers, bring water and snacks. San Frttuoso is accessible by ferry and on foot, so you can ferry it back if you prefer. You can continue on, also by foot or ferry, to Portofino, or head back to Camogli. Check the ferry times. 

Note that there are a few restaurants but in the winter months they are closed, so plan accordingly.  

La Sagra del Pesce, “Fish Festival”

On my list to check out – La Sagra del Pesce, one of Camogli’s most popular events. The second Sunday of May, the village celebrates San Fortunato. the patron saint of fishermen with a massive fish fry. My mouth waters just thinking about it! 

At the inaugural event in 1952 residents used six small pans for the fish fry. By 1954, they were replaced with a single large skillet, now the event’s symbol. Today, the stainless steel pan measures 4 meters in diameter with a 6-meter handle, weighs 28 tons, and holds up to 2000 liters of frutta di mare. YUM. If you are asking why is Camogli so famous? Well, this is definitely one of the reasons! 

Camogli Water Activities 

Given the location, Camogli, Italy has plenty of water activities. From sunbathing to boat tours to snorkeling and more. Find more details at the tourist office or at your hotel.

Camogli italy

Where to eat and drink when you visit Camogli, Italy

Here is my list of the best restaurants in Camogli. But whatever you do, make sure to try out some of the traditional foods of the area, beyond seasfood. In fact, while everyone thinks of Liguria as a all fish, it’s actually more of a veg-based diet. 

  • Pesto: There is nothing – and I mean NOTHING like pesto from Liguria. The simple ingredients are all protected and grown directly in Liguria. From the basil basilico genovese D.O.P. to the local olive oil…mixed together with cheese, garlic, pine nuts by marble mortar and wooden pestle. Enjoy with local foccacia, over gnocchi or the local troffie pasta. 
  • Foccaccia: Using the area’s tantalizing olive oil, locally grow herbs like rosemary, and magical sea salt, this Ligurian flat bread will wow you. And don’t miss the famed focaccia di Recco, a traditional dish that dates back to the Crusades. Find this favorited street food all along the cost line – it’s even got its own IGP! But, for IGT it has to be made right in San Recco, the city to the north of Camogli. Basically it stretches two sheets of dough to a 16th of an inch while keeping all in tact – a science that comes with the right flour and practice. The dough is them stuffed with cheese and baked.
  • Trofie (pasta): One of the most traditional fresh pastas in Liguria is trofie. The short, twisted pasta comes from Recco, like the above foccaccia. Since it’s so close to Camogli, you find it everywhere. It’s made using durum wheat flour, salt, and water – no eggs! The small pasta pieces are stretched and twisted with pointy ends and a thicker center. Trofie al Pesto alla Genovese is made with pesto, potatoes, and gree beans. 

Camogli Restaurants

Ristorante Cenobio dei Dogi

The hotel offers three dining options, and all are fantastic. Enjoy lunch or apertivo on the seaside terrace, aptly named La Terrazza Giulia. Dine outside at La Playa or eat inside with a seaside view at Il Doge Ristorante. I’ve done all three, and can’t say enough good things about the food and service.

Find it! Ristorante Cenobio dei Dogi

  • Address: Via Cuneo, 34, 16032, Camogli, Italy.
  • Phone: +39 0185 724407
  • Reservations recommended,
Eating in Camogli, Italy
Amazing seafood at Cenobio dei Dogi’s Il Doge Ristorante.

Ostaia da o Sigu

One of my absolute favorite Camogli restaurants is Ostaia da o Sigu. It’s a perfect location right along the waterfront with tables dotting the boardwalk; to get one of those, I booked in advance. Not only was it beautiful – what a place to watch the sunset! – the food was incredible. And, the prices are very reasonable.

Find it! Ostaia da Sigu

  • Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 82, Camogli, Italy.
  • Phone: 0185 770689
  • Reservations recommended
camogli italy ostaia da o sigu
Mussels at Ostaia Da O Sigu.
Camogli italy restaurants
Sunset at Ostaia Da O Sigu.

Revello Focacceria 

Camogli is known for focaccia. And, there is not a shortage on the main street. Revello offers a delicious and inexpensive lunch. Grab some focaccia and hunker down on the boardwalk to soak in the sun and sea.

Find it! Via Garibaldi 183, Camogli, Italy.

Focacceria Revello, Camogli, Italy
Focacceria Revello, Camogli, Italy.

Focacceria Cose Buone

It lives up to its name! Another great – and inexpensive – focacceria along the boardwalk.

Find it! Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 110, 16032 Camogli, Italy.

cose buone camogli, italy
Focacceria Cose Buone, Camogli, Italy.

La Cremeria del Paradiso

I’ve tried a few gelaterias in Camogli Italy and La Cremeria del Paradiso is the only one I felt worthy of a shout out. Simply amazing.

Find it! Piazza Cristoforo Colombo 4/5, 16032 Camogli, Italy.

La Cremeria del Paradiso Camogli
La Cremeria del Paradiso, Camogli, Italy.

camogli italy

That’s my Camogli Italy Travel Guide!

If you have favorite Camogli restaurants, suggestions of things to do in Camogli, ideas to visit Camogli, let me know! 


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Liguria Experiences: Plan your Italian Riviera vacation! 

To supplement my Camogli Italy Travel Guide, check out some of my most popular activities. The Italian Riviera awaits and my planning services go beyond Barolo!

Here are three client-favorite Liguria travel experiences – and there are plenty more I can organized, as well a logistics! For more options, pricing, and availability, click here.

Trek & Taste: Cinque Terre Wine Tour

A private 7-hour Trek and wine tour in Cinque Terre led by your private guide, visit the picturesque fishing villages, wander the tiny squares and alleys framed by the seaside.

Visit Cinque Terre vineyards overlooking the sea to understand the soul of the land. Get up close and personal with the ancient terraced vineyards that shape the magical seaside landscape. The experience includes a visit to well-known local winery for a tour and tasting with the winemaker. Visit his cellar, vineyards, and taste local wines with traditional snacks. 

Private Boat Ride: Portofino, Believe the Hype

Discover Portofino and its surroundings aboard a private motorboat. Admire breathtaking cliffs, explore secluded coves, and if you choose, swim in the clear blue water. The experience includes a visit to the shimmering San Fruttuoso cove with its medieval abbey built right on the beach. While snorkeling, see the “Cristo degli Abissi”, a famed underwater statue. Finish in Camogli, Italy. Other boat experiences available on request. 

Genoa Food Market & Pesto Making Class

Private 4-hour walking tour exploring Genoa’s biggest food market followed by a pesto-making class under frescoes at a private noble palace. Spend the morning in the port city’s largest – and lively – food market. A food lover’s paradise: breath in the fresh-baked focaccia, local cheese and meat stalls, and bakeries. Explore handmade pasta stands, rows of fresh fish, and colorful local produce.

Your sensory immersion continues with a pesto-making class led by a local culinary expert using traditional pestle and mortar. After the lesson, enjoy a light lunch with traditional specialties. Optional: Ligurian wine tasting & education.

Book your Liguria experience now! 

If you have suggestions on places to visit in Camogli or other little known Italian Riviera gems, please let me know below!

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