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When I started wine tasting in Barolo and Barbaresco back in 2011, there were few walk-in tasting rooms and you couldn’t even think about a drop-in visit at a winery. Today it’s all much more accessible, but I always stress the importance of pre-booking appointments at a winery. However, if you are out to just explore a bit, there are now more walk-in tasting rooms in Barolo and Barbaresco. I suggest a mix of Barolo wine tasting at wineries and the walk-in tasting rooms and enotecas to see different approaches to area hospitality and for an opportunity to try more things.   

Wine tasting in Barolo and Barbaresco is an intimate and personal experience at the winery, often the winery visit is led by a family member or their lone employee. A lot of my Barolo wine tour clients come to me looking to learn about the region for a few focused days with producer visits, vineyard stops, MasterClasses (with pairing experiences!), food experiences, and more to showcase the area’s food and wine culture.

To take in the Piedmont wine region with OR without a Barolo wine tour guide, visit the villages, drive the countryside, and soak in the culture. 

I created Barbaresco and Barolo wine tasting guide to help visitors more easily navigate the area and visit the walk-in tasting rooms and enotecas that do exist.

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barolo wine tasting

Wine Tasting in Barolo and Barbaresco: Barolo Tasting Rooms 

There are a handful of walk-in tasting rooms in the Barolo villages. Keep in mind that like most business here, these tasting rooms close for a 2-hour lunch break. Tasting rooms are open most weekdays plus state holidays.


Located in the primary wine town of Alba is the historic Ceretto Winery. It is one of the area’s oldest producers with vineyards and wineries in both Barolo and Barbaresco. The Alba location has a walk-in tasting room that is open daily as well as a wine shop where you can buy wines from Ceretto, wines from outside the region (think Champagne!), and accessories, like the Coravin, the Lazenne Wine Check luggage, and other products.

And, don’t miss Ceretto’s other cultural offerings, including Piedmont’s only three Michelin starred ristorante, Piazza Duomo located in Alba’s historic center. In addition, visit their contemporary art displays — the Cappella delle Brunate (chapel in the Brunate vineyards in La Morra) and the glass cube structure in the vineyards at their Bricco Rocche winery in Castiglione Falletto.

They offer tastings flights, seminars, and tailor-made programs, including cellar tours and vineyard visits. 

Find it! Ceretto Winery

  • Address: Strada Provinciale Alba/Barolo, Località San Cassiano, 34, 12051 Alba
  • Phone: +39 0173 282582
  • Email:


Located in the center of the village of Barolo is the Borgogno winery. Another historic producer that dates back to 1761. The tasting room is open daily and cellar tours are available by appointment.

If you are in the market for older Barolo, you will find plenty here. Storage limitations and financial struggles mean that most area producers have been unable to maintain older bottles. But, Borgogno has an incredible vintage library. Bottles are available for purchase at the wine shop / tasting room.

Find it! Borgogno 

  • Address: Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 1, 12060 Barolo
  • Phone: +39 0173 56108
  • Email:


Damilano is another historic producer, dating back to 1890. You can find these wines all over the world. They have two tasting rooms, one in the village of Barolo and one in the Barolo village of La Morra. Stop in for a tasting or schedule an appointment for a cellar tour.

Find it! Damilano 

  • Address:
    • Barolo Tasting Room: Via Roma 31, 12060 Barolo
    • La Morra Tasting Room: Provincial road Alba, Barolo 122, 12064 La Morra
  • Phone:
    • Barolo Tasting Room: +39 34 596 03588
    • La Morra Tasting Room: +39 0173 56105
  • Email:

Marchesi di Barolo is a historical winery with the 5th generation at the helm. Find their wines at their tasting room and wine shop in Barolo as well as all over the world. Schedule a specialty tasting or a cellar tour. 

Find it! Marchesi di Barolo


The Marcarini Winery remains a family affair, six generations strong. Both the cellar and the tasting room are located in the Barolo village of La Morra. Visit the tasting room to try the wines or schedule an appointment to see the wine making facility. In addition to their Barolos, don’t forget to try the Boschi di Berri Dolcetto, which comes from century old, pre-phylloxera vines.

Find it! Marcarini

wine tasting in barolo

Wine Tasting in Barolo and Barbaresco: Barbaresco Tasting Rooms

Barbaresco is a much smaller area than Barolo, so fewer tasting rooms exist.

Produttori del Barbaresco 

The historic Produttori del Barbaresco is not to be missed. Situated in the village of Barbaresco, the tasting room is open daily for complimentary pours. You can also schedule a full tour and tasting, but note that they are limited so you need to book far out.

The Produttori is distributed all over the world and is considered one of the top cooperative wineries in Europe. Often these producers have a reputation for low quality based on the belief they pay on weight vs quality. The Produttori adheres to strict regulations on what is purchased from the 50 growers involved in the co-op.

They only make Nebbiolo wines: Langhe Nebbiolo, the classic Barbaresco and, single vineyard Barbaresco Riserva in vintages when the grapes are the best. The single vineyards are produced from the nine best crus within the Barbaresco village boundaries: Asili, Rabajà, Pora, Montestefano, Ovello, Pajè, Montefico, Muncagota, and Rio Sordo.

Find it! Produttori del Barbaresco 

  • Address: Via Torino, 54, 12050 Barbaresco
  • Phone: +39 0173 635139
barbaresco wine tasting
The historic Produttori del Barbaresco is an anomaly among co-op wine producers, known for consistently high quality wines where most look to churn out quantity. The Produttori is the standard for European co-ops.


Also located in the village of Barbaresco is the Boffa tasting room. Get a glass or a flight to sit outside and take in the incredible vineyard views.

Find it! Boffa

  • Address: Via Torino, 17, 12050 Barbaresco
  • Phone: +39 0173 635174
  • Email:   

Roberto Sarotto 

Find the Roberto Sarotto tasting room in Alba’s Piazza Savona. Here you will get to taste this Barbaresco producer’s wines alongside some amazing meats and cheeses. Enjoy wines by the glass, bottle, and / or by tasting flight. Aperitivo plates are complimentary with any wine ordered.

Find it! Roberto Sarotto

  • Address: Piazza Savona 3/A, 12051 Alba

Barbaresco and Barolo Wine Tasting: Regional Enotecas

Beyond just the walk-in winery tasting rooms are also Regional Enotecas, located in villages and cities. The wines sold and poured at these locations vary from only wines of the commune to all wines of the particular regional. These stops are also great with your Barolo wine tour guide as they can discuss the nuances of the different producer styles, vintages, and microclimates of what is on tasting. 

Regional Enoteca – Barolo Wine Tasting Guide:

Enoteca Regionale del Barolo: In the village of Barolo you will find wines from all over Barolo, for sale and to taste. The shop has an Enomatic dispenser so you can taste and explore Barolo wines from across the wine making area.

Cantina Comunale di La Morra: When visiting La Morra (definitely do it for the Belvedere viewpoint – the highest point in Barolo and Barbaresco as well as to see Ceretto’s Cappella delle Brunate), check out the enoteca in the town center. Find wines from all 70 La Morra producers with four open to taste.

Cantina Comunale di Castiglione Falletto: Wines from the Barolo wine making area of Castiglione Falletto. Taste and purchase daily.

Regional Enoteca – Barbaresco Wine Tasting Guide

Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco: A unique tasting experience as the enoteca is located in a restored church. Buy wines from producers all over the Barbaresco zone. Four wines are always open for tasting.

wine tasting in barbaresco
The Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco is located inside the former Saint Donato Brotherhood, built in the middle of the 19th century by the residents of Barbaresco.


Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour: Find wines from all over Piedmont for tasting and purchase in the 13th century Grinzane Cavour Castle.

Enoteca del Roero: Find the enotetca  in Canale with more than 100 Roero wines to buy – tasting available.

Enoteca Regionale Colline del Moscato: Try some yummy Moscato at the beautiful Mango castle. More than 80 winemakers and 20 food producers of the area here.

Enoteca Regionale di Acqui Terme: Dolcetto and Brachetto, anyone? Explore these local wines from the Acquese and Ovadese wine zones.

Enoteca Regionale di Canelli e dell’Astesano: Find Piedmont’s great sparkling wines here, including Moscato d’Asti, Asti Spumante, and Alta Langa metodo classico (traditional Champagne method) wines. In addition, you can taste and buy area reds and whites like Cortese, Piedmont Chardonnay, Ruché, Grignolino, Freisa, Barbera, Dolcetto, and more.

Wine tasting in Barolo and Barbaresco – are you ready? 

I hope this list gives you a good starting point for walk-in ready wine tasting in Barolo and Barbaresco.

And, if you are visiting the area, check out our Barolo wine tours for a full day out or for program planning support.

A presto!

Got other suggestions for Barbaresco and Barolo wine tasting? Let us know below – appointments or not!

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