Don’t Use Uber in Turin: Insider Tips for Getting Around Turin

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Guests always ask about Uber in Turin. And, rarely do they believe me when I recommend against it. I visit the city every chance I get to explore and to make train connections from Alba. And, y’all, I’d never rely on Uber for getting around Turin. It may not be the most fun topic for planning your Piedmont travel, but insider tips save you from missed connections – and experiences. Let’s go! 

Navigate Turin like a local with my transportation hacks to fully embrace the city’s vibrant culture while making the most of your stay. From the convenience of the metro to the charm of trams, the freedom of bicycles to pounding the pavement, tons of options are available for getting around Turin.

Read on for insider tips on purchasing tickets, navigating routes, and even taking advantage of local ridesharing services – but really, don’t use Uber in Turin. As a local travel planner, I beg you not to bank arrival times on the service. More below.

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Transportation Hacks for Turin Travel

When visiting a new city, understanding the transportation helps you maximize your time and experiences, right? Well, Turin is no exception. In this piece, I help familiarize you with the local transportation options and learning a few handy tricks to ave both time and money while exploring the city. Efficient transportation allows you to visit multiple attractions in a day, experience the local lifestyle, and discover surprises off the beaten path. With this transportation knowledge, navigate Turin like a local and make the most of your visit. 

Great Public Transportation Means You Don’t Need Uber in Turin!

Turin’s comprehensive public transportation network caters to residents and visitors alike. The city’s transport system includes buses, trams, and a metro, providing convenient access to all parts of Turin. The integrated ticketing system lets you use a single ticket for different modes of transport, making it easy to switch between buses, trams, and the metro. Whether traveling to popular tourist spots or exploring lesser-known parts of the city, public transportation is not only affordable, but the most efficient for getting around Turin.

Navigating the Turin Metro System

The Turin metro system is an excellent way to travel quickly and comfortably across the city. With four lines covering a vast network, the metro connects to major attractions, business districts, and residential areas. To use the metro, purchase a ticket from ticket machines or authorized vendors. Purchase tickets for single trips, multiple trips, or unlimited travel within a specific time frame. Remember to validate your ticket at the station before boarding the train. The metro operates from early morning until midnight, with extended hours on weekends and public holidays. With its frequent service and well-connected stations, the metro is an efficient transportation option for exploring Turin.

uber in turin

Use Buses and Trams in Turin

Buses and trams are the backbone of Turin’s public transportation system, providing extensive coverage across the city. Buses are a convenient option for reaching destinations not served by the metro, while trams offer a charming and scenic way to travel within the city. To use buses and trams, purchase tickets from ticket machines or authorized vendors before boarding. Tickets are valid for a specific duration, allowing you to hop on and off as needed. Be sure to validate your ticket on the vehicle. Turin’s buses and trams operate from early morning until late evening, with reduced frequencies during weekends and holidays. With their extensive routes and regular schedules, buses and trams are a more reliable transportation options for exploring Turin.

Getting Around Turin at Night

Try the city’s Torino Night Buster service for safe after-dark navigation. Every Friday, Saturday and pre-holidays the service runs from the outskirts to the Turin city center and back. Bus stops are set close to the main areas of nightlife. Purchase tickets from authorized GTT retailers: tobacconists, newsagents, cafés. Read more here

getting around turin at night

Rent a Bike or Scooter for Getting Around Turin

With 258 km / 160 miles of bike paths, bike or scooter rental is a fun, eco-friendly way to explore the city. Turin offers various bike-sharing and scooter-sharing services,  with rentals for a specific duration of time. Simply download the app of the chosen service provider, locate available bikes or scooters nearby, and unlock them using the app.

Enjoy the freedom of cycling or scooting through Turin’s streets, exploring at your own pace. With an extensive network of bike lanes and dedicated parking areas for bikes and scooters, getting around Turin on two wheels is both convenient and enjoyable.

Turin Bike or Scooter Rentals
  • For Turin bike rental options, click here
  • For Turin scooter rental options, click here.

turin bike sharing

Take Advantage of Turin Car Sharing Services

Car-sharing services in Turin are a great concept as as a flexible and sustainable alternative to traditional transportation methods. While most of your experiences in and around the city center are easily accessible via public transit, these are particularly useful for more isolated Turin day trips. Don’t miss a trip to the mountains during your visit to Turin and consider for taking in a Juventus game as the Club’s stadium isn’t the best to access via public transportation. 

Turin Car-sharing Services 
  • Enjoy: A car-sharing service that gives users the convenience of renting vehicles for short periods of time. With Enjoy, easily locate and rent cars using a mobile app, allowing for flexible transportation solutions without the hassle of renting a vehicle. Enjoy’s fleet typically consists of various types of automobiles, ranging from compact cars to larger vehicles, making seats and vehicle functionality easy to manage. For info, visit the Enjoy site
  • ShareNow: Another car-sharing service offered by the automaker, Smart. ShareNow allows users to rent Smart cars for short-term use, providing a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional car rentals and ownership. Through the ShareNow mobile app, users easily locate available Smart cars nearby, book them for specific time periods, and unlock the vehicles using their smartphones. ShareNow aims to promote sustainable urban mobility by reducing the reliance on personal vehicle ownership and encouraging the use of shared transportation. For info, visit the ShareNow site

The Best Turin Day Trips for More Northern Italy travel

Turin Day Tours: Royals to Juventus, Explore the City’s Sports History

Now, About Uber in Turin

I know, I know. Your trusty Uber app promises Turin pick-ups on a moment’s notice. But it ain’t so. The reality is that all over Italy, including Turin, Uber doesn’t have a fleet of drivers. For the most part, the only real accessible Uber in Turin is its costly Black Uber service.

When it comes to costs, keep in mind that Uber in Turin does not save you like it does State-side, even if you do manage to get one outside of pricier Black Uber. Typically the price of Uber in Turin is more expensive than a local taxi service. 

For taxi service in Turin, I use Free Now 

The FreeNow service is popular all over Italy (Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Catania, and Cagliari) and in more than 100 European cities. In addition, book an electric bike, scooter, or car share. Download the app here.

uber in turin
Getting around Turin on foot lets me find sweet surprises, like this lovely lady who’s home isn’t far from the Torino Porta Susa railway station. I take a picture every time I see her!

Getting around Turin on foot

While Turin’s public transportation options are extensive, personally, I love walking the city and soaking in its incredible architecture. So put on some comfortable shoes, make sure you phone is charged, and embark on a walking adventure through Turin. I am quite literally lost without Google Maps when I wander the streets! 

Insider Tips for Using Transportation in Turin

To make the most of your time in Turin, here are some insider tips:

  1. Use the GTT Official App: Download the GTT Official App, available for both iOS and Android, to access real-time information on bus, tram, and metro schedules. The app also provides updates on any disruptions or delays, allowing you to plan your journeys accordingly.
  2. Purchase a Turin Card: If you plan to visit multiple attractions in Turin, consider purchasing a Turin Card. It offers unlimited access to public transportation, including buses, trams, and the metro, and provides free or discounted entry to various museums and attractions. It’s a cost-effective option for avid explorers.
  3. Learn Basic Italian Phrases: While many in Turin speak English, learn a few basic Italian phrases to better communicate with drivers, fellow passengers, or locals who may assist you during your travels. Simple greetings and expressions of gratitude make your interactions more pleasant.

See!? You DON’T need Uber in Turin!

Navigating Turin’s transportation system doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Utilize these transportation tips to explore the city like a local, seamlessly hopping on and off buses, trams, and the metro. Take advantage of bike and scooter rentals for a more active adventure, and embrace ride-sharing services as needed. Don’t forget to carve out time for leisurely walks to soak in the city’s atmosphere and stumble on hidden alleyways and secret shops. These transportation tips and tricks prepare you well for getting around Turin’s bustling streets. So hop on board and start exploring Turin like a local!

Now that you are set for getting around Turin, book your Turin travel

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