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Capture the Colour

Capture the Colour Contest Capture the Colour Entry: What a Wonderful World

I woke to a dreary, wet Monday morning here in Alba (The Carpenters wouldn’t much like it) to find I’d been tagged for Travel Supermarket’s 2013 Capture the Colour Contest. I beelined for my favorite cafe, hunkered down with a cappuccino, and got to work sorting photos. A perfect way to brighten a soggy day! 

How it works: pick a photo for each of five colors (red, blue, green, yellow, and white), post, then nominate five blogger friends.

My regular readers know I do a Song Pick at the end of my posts, but today it’s upfront so Louis can serenade you as you read.

Song Pick! What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong


Capture the Colour Contest Piedmont Harvest 2013 Kicks Off: Harvest started in late September here in Piedmont. There was an unmistakable buzz in the air. Here, I caught sight of a tractor packed with Moscato.


Capture the Colour Contest  Water Polo, Italian Riviera-style: What a sight. On a walk back to Rapallo from Portofino we happened upon an ocean-side water polo match (yes, he’s really standing like that).


Capture the Colour Contest

The World Needs More Gardens: During my floral genetics days (yes, that happened) I had a trip to London planned. Everyone said, “Go to Kew Gardens.” Pure magic.


Capture the Colour Contest Vats of Polenta: Polenta, made the old-fashioned way in the Barbaresco village of Neive. 


Capture the Colour Contest The Bride: As she’s carried over the crowd I can only imagine how out-of-focus the scene was in her eyes, while her joy was so clear in ours. 

Thank you to Elaine from CarpeTravel for my Capture the Colour nomination. I felt like a little kid relivCapture the Colour Contest ing my adventures near and far. And, fondly remembering those who touched them.

GirlsGottaDrink Nominates: 

Suzanne Hoffman, WineFamilies: Beautiful prose meets vibrant images. That’s why I love WineFamilies.

Jeff Burrows, FoodWineClick: Pictures that inspire and delight me. I know his recent trip abroad captured some incredible hues. Capture the Colour Contest

Nikki Lucas, Colorado2CaliforniaFun, energetic, and playful – make me miss the U.S., Nikki!

Anna Savino, Italianna: I can’t imagine it will be easy for Anna to select just five. But, I sure hope she’ll try!

Jen Hohn, Intrinsicalities: Last, but certainly not least, a dear friend who inspires me with her eye for design + color. And, always an inspiration in life.

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