Um, Yum – Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Eno Club in Alba, Italy

For a great Piedmont dinner eat at Enoclub in Alba, Italy. I got lucky enough to snag an invite to a business dinner Il Ragazzo had with some customers. Loved it!

On Piazza Michele Ferrero (formerly Piazza Savona) you’ll find the al fresco seating for Cafe Umberto, one of our favorite ristorantes in town. Seating is also available inside. But, just down the steps is the high-end ristorante, Enoclub. Dining at Enoclub in Alba is like eating in a wine cellar.

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Our dinner was a fixed menu that the lovely group from Hong Kong arranged, packed with antipasti, two primi pasta, a secondo, dolce, and oh, that wine.

Antipasti: Sparkling + Fried Porcini Mushrooms + Pepper Flan

That’s right, I said pepper flan. And, it was delectable. Much like the fried porcini. Words won’t do either justice. It was a feast for the eyes and palate. (P.S. – the bubbles were good, too.) Wine Pairing: 2003 Ferrari Trentino Brut

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Secondo (#1): Agnolotti di Plin

Agnolotti is Piemontese for “pinch”, just what they are, generally a small meat, cheese, or veg filled ravioli. We had meat. At Enoclub in Alba, it was so good.
Wine Pairing: 2007 Vigneti Massa Timorasso Colli Tortonesi Sterpi

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy


That’s right. Truffles delicately shaved on traditional Piemontese tajarin pasta.
Wine Pairing: 1978 Chateau Cheval Blanc, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, France. Shout out to our beyond brilliant hosts who selected this incredible Bordeaux (don’t be mislead by the name, it was a red). I’m still awed that I got to drink any of it. Grazie Mille.

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Watch a video of the magical truffle:

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Secondo: Beef in Barolo Sauce + Toscana Red

Right, cause I needed more food like a hole in my head, but when you start throwing out things like “beef in Barolo” I’m not likely to refuse. And, that wine pairing. I was sorta hoping our new pals would adopt me. P.S. – the green beans were wrapped in pancetta. You can’t make this stuff up. Wine Pairing: 1999 Fontodi Flaccianello Della Pieve

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Dolce: It Just Keeps Coming

During my biz travel days, we regularly joked about our cray cray destinations, flight times, and such as “living the dream.” Hey Liz and Eric, found it. It’s called Enoclub in Alba.

I don’t even remember what it was. But, chocolate and mousse were involved. So I was, too. 

Monday Munchies: Um, Yum Enoclub in Alba, Italy

Enoclub in Alba

Piazza Savona, 4 – Alba (Cn) Tel: +39 0173 33994
Email: Reservations suggested.
Open for dinner, closed Mondays.

Yep, it was a beautifully planned and crafted dinner. And, our hosts were lovely and wonderful with conversation and enthusiasm for not only wine but the region in general. As if the night couldn’t get any better one beautiful, tiny gal actually said to me, “how do you stay so skinny living here?” A dinner AND a compliment like that? I am going to love them forever. FOREVER And Ever. Amen.

Okay, off to dream about the meal. Again.

Ciao ciao! V-dawg OUT.

Song Pick! Forever and Ever, Amen, Randy Travis

 Still hungry? More Langhe and Alba dining ‘atcha!


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