Bubbles in Barolo: Champagne Sabering!

Exploring Piemonte: Champagne Sabering
My pal Leslie with Travel Langhe, showing us how it's done!

Last week I did a post on Vinoteca Centro Storico mentioning the proprietor’s cool party trick: champagne sabering. Armed with a bottle of champagne and a handful of wine glasses, Alessio pops that bottle top with the bottom of a wine glass.

Champagne Sabering with the bottom of a wine glass. 


 How to Saber Champagne: I did a little digging into the art of sabarage. The instruction guides offer pretty much the same steps:

1. You don’t need a fancy schmancy knife or sword – in fact, you won’t even use the sharp edge, so a simple butcher’s knife works plenty good. 

2. Make sure your champagne bottle is very cold (38-40°F, tops). To ensure a clean break, remove the foil wrapper and wire (there are some differences of opinion on this, makes sense to me to remove).

3. Firmly hold the base of the bottle at about a 30- to 40-degree angle and of course point away from any onlookers *eye roll*.

4. Apparently there are two vertical seams running up the side of the bottle to the lip – that’s what you want. That intersection provides the cleanest break, so aim your stroke there.

5. Position the knife flat against the bottle, blunt edge toward the top with the sharp edge facing you. Run your saber or knife slowly back along the seam toward your body. Then, quickly and firmly thrust it back up the seam toward the bottle’s tip. Strike the lip sharply, making sure the leading edge stays down and in toward the crook of the lip. Apply a solid follow-through. *From Wired. How-to Wiki.

6. The cork and the little ring of glass around it should fly off the end of the bottle. Pour, pour, pour away! *Sources: Wired: How-to Wiki, NYTimes: Beheadhing Bubbly.

Champagne Sabering in Barbaresco village of Neive
Sabering demonstration.
Champagne Sabering in Serralunga, Barolo
And, Serve


Salute! V-dawg OUT.

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What are your favorite wine party tricks? Leave a link!

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