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barolo wine tour from turin
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Looking for Barolo wine tours from Turin and Milan? We’ve got you!

Some of the best day trips from Turin or Milan take you in the heart of Barolo Italy wine country for an exploration of the wine, food, and culture. The travel time isn’t so bad if you have a car or use a driver service. 

A train is a great way to go from Turin to Alba or Asti, but Milan to Alba or Asti is much more time consuming. So, consider factors and costs before

Barolo wine tours from Turin

Barolo wine tour from Turin, by train 

Turin is Piedmont wine region’s capital city and roughly about 50 km / 32 miles from Turin. Barolo Italy is easily one of the best day trips from Turin to explore food, wine, and culture. And, the beauty of Barolo wine country is simply breathtaking.  

So how do you do it? The train is super easy, safe (no driving!), and a cost effective way to do Barolo wine tours from Turin. I direct my Turin-based clients by train, either into Asti or Turin to Alba via one of the two railway stations. 

  • Turin to Asti is done via the Torino Porta Nuova Station, which is located about 10 minutes on foot from the city center. Trains run at least hourly with others throughout the day, cost is about 5.80 eu / each. The hourly route has you to Asti in about 35 minutes. 
  • Turin to Alba is done via the Torino Porta Susa Station, about a 20-minute walk to the city center and serviced easily by bus or metro. Trains run hourly and cost about 6.30 eu with a Turin to Alba travel time of 1 hour 23 minutes each way

From the train station, your guide picks you out front and off you go to explore the noble nebbiolo grape with Barbaresco and Barolo wine tastings. Your Barolo wine tour guide returns you to the station about 17:00 / 17:30 to get you back to Turin in time for dinner! 

For my complete breakdown of Turin to Alba or Asti by train, with times, routes, and considerations, click here.

barolo wine tours from milan


Barolo wine tours from Turin, by car

Turin to Alba: Drive yourself

By car, drive time for some Barolo wine tasting is a little over an hour. For a Barolo tour, we’ll set a meeting point for you to drop your car and be driven around for the tour. Of course, that does mean someone is driving back at the end of the day. 

Turin to Alba Driver services 

Many of my clients don’t want to drive at all in Italy and certainly not after a day of wine tasting. So for those who don’t want to train it, we arrange professional driver service with door-to-door service. The driver picks you up directly at your lodging, then transfers you to the first winery where your Barolo wine tour guide is waiting for you. There, transfer to the guide’s car for tour program transportation. The driver picks up at the last winery and returns you to your lodging in Turin. 


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Barolo wine tour from Milan

I’ve had clients do a Barolo wine tour from Milan via train into Alba or Asti, but it’s not easy – typically you have at least one, maybe two, train changes, and at least one is a slower train. That means you’ll be getting up to leave early and return late. If you want to go this route, let’s talk about it when you book and I’ll help you select the best route that is less likely to have train mishaps (think delays or cancellations) and the easiest way into the area. 

If you are driving to the area, plan on at least 2 hours of drive time and buffer in a bit more if you are coming from Milan’s city center and departing between about 8:00 and 9:30. If you are driving in, we’ll give you a parking lot meeting point where you can leave your vehicle all day and ride with your Barolo wine tour guide. 

Milan to Alba Driver services 

For Barolo wine tours from Milan, I recommend (and my Girl’s Gotta Drink guests tend to prefer) a driver service for door-to-door service. It’s a little more costly since it’s further away, but you are comfortably riding with a driver the entire day. 

The driver picks you up directly at your Milan lodging, then transfers you to the first winery where your Barolo wine tour guide meets you. You move to the guide’s car for your tour transportation. The driver picks you up at the last winery and returns you to your lodging in Milan. 

Book Your Barolo wine tours from Turin or Milan

If you have some unique circumstances in your plans, note it in your Barolo wine tour request and we’ll work it out together. 

Book a joinable, open group, or private Barolo wine tour from Girl’s Gotta Drink. If you are more interested in the area’s culinary delights, we can work that into your program. And, if you want more ideas for the best day trips from Turin or Milan, I’d love to help! 

Barolo wine tours from Turin or Milan, book here! 

barolo wine tours from turin

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