How to Get to Alba, Italy: Planes, Trains, Automobiles

How to Get To Alba Italy

Fasten your seat belts (be ready, there may be a lot of ’em). We’re showing you how to get to Alba, Italy in beautiful Piedmont. 

When people visit or we take a trip out of Alba it’s a chore to get the travel routes to / from organized. So, I thought I’d get everything in one place for a look at how to get to Alba, Italy from the closest airports of Turin, Milan, and Genoa. You will also find trains to Alba, Italy via major stations in Milan, Genoa, and Turin. 

Alba makes a perfect base camp for a Northern Italy wine adventure. Alba sits in the middle of the Langhe and Roero wine areas.

How to Get to Alba Italy

There are plenty of airports in proximity, so flying in isn’t difficult. The sprawling region offers much to see and do, so a car is helpful. But, it is possible to take trains to Alba, Italy – yes, expect more than one, sometimes two trains. 

Piedmont (Italian: Piemonte) is situated in northwest Italy bordering France and Switzerland. The region is flanked by the Alps – on a clear day you can see Monviso and Monte Rosa.  

Turin-Caselle International Airport (TRN) 

Turin (Italian: Torino) is 121 km to Alba and tends to cost a bit more because it’s small.

Airlines that fly into Turin: Lufthansa, British Airways, Ryanair, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Vueling Airlines, Alitalia, Blu-express, Royal Air Maroc, Meridiana, Air One.

Turin to Alba, Italy by Car: About 1.5 hours drive time.

View Driving Directions Turin Airport to Alba in a larger map.

Bus and Trains to Alba, Italy via Turin: The easiest way to get get to Alba from the Turin Airport is a bus and train combination. The Sedem bus picks up just outside the terminal every 15 and 30 past the hour. Cost is 3.10 euros.

You can purchase just before exiting the terminal or when you board (exact amount only). Take the bus to the Porta Susa train station (it also goes to the Torino Porta Nuova train station). From there, take the train to Alba (may vary on weekends). You will arrive in Alba at 53 minutes past the hour. Total train travel is about 1:18 minutes.

How to Get to Alba Italy

For train travel tips to Alba and Asti from Turin, click here. click here.

Milan Malpensa International Airport (MXP)

Milan (Italian: Milano) is 177 km to Alba and is the area’s biggest airport, so it tends to have the most competitive international fares.

Milan to Alba by Car: About 2 hours drive time

View Driving Directions Milan (MXP) to Alba in a larger map.

Milan to Alba by Public Transportation: Be prepared because getting to Alba is a long trip with molti changes.

MXP to Milano Centrale (main train station):

  • MXP to Milano Centrale by Train: The Malpensa Express is 52 minutes and costs 10 euros each way. Trains run hourly.
  • MXP to Milano Centrale by Shuttle Bus: Shuttle buses run every 20 minutes, cost 10 euros each way, and have free wi-fi. See the Malpensa Shuttle website for schedule and pick-up locations. The ride takes about 1 hour.

Trains to Alba, Italy via Milano Centrale Train Station: Once at Milano Centrale you will find a few train routes into Alba. Go to a ticket (biglietto) kiosk (don’t wait in line at the ticket counter – it takes forever) and input “Alba” as your destination. Travel routes generally include two stops and last 2.75 to 3.5 hours. Check routes in advance at the Trenitalia website.

Milan Bergamo International Airport (BGY)

Bergamo is Milan’s airport for discount Euro-airline Ryanair. It’s small so you get your luggage pretty quick. It services more obscure airlines like Wizz Air, belleair, and Air Arabia Maroc.

Bergamo to Alba by Car: About 2 hours drive time, 210 km.

View Driving Directions Bergamo to Alba CN, Italy in a larger map.

Bus and Trains to Alba, Italy via Bergamo: Same story as MXP. Get to Milano Centrale via shuttle bus, Terravision. Five euros one-way, runs every 20 minutes, and takes about 1 hour. Once you’re at Milano Centrale follow the instructions for train travel to Alba.

Milan Linate (LIN)

Linate is another small airport that services a lot of European airlines including Lufthansa, easyJet, and British Airways.

Linate to Alba by Car: About 2 hours, 163 km. Click for Google Map directions.

Bus and Trains to Alba, Italy via Linate: There are two shuttle bus options to Milano Centrale. Both Air Bus and Starfly are 5 euros one-way, buses run every 30 minutes. Once you’re at Milano Centrale follow the instructions above for train travel to Alba.

How to Get to Alba Italy

Genoa International Airport (GOA)

The port city of Genoa (Italian: Genova) is nearly as close Turin, but an even smaller airport (we’re talking like eight gates. EIGHT!) Airlines include Lufthansa, Ryanair, British Airways.

Genoa to Alba by Car: About 1.5 hours, 138 km. Click for Google Map directions.

Bus and Trains to Alba, Italy via Genoa: Take a train from Genova Piazza Principe or Genova Voltri train station. Genoa to Alba trains take from 3 to 3.75 hours, requiring two connections on the way. Ticket prices range from 11.90 euros each way, depending on the train.

So, there you have it – the long and short on how to get to Alba, Italy. I know, more long than short – but, once you get here it is worth it. 

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30 replies on “How to Get to Alba, Italy: Planes, Trains, Automobiles”
  1. says: David Way

    thank you Valerie for an excellent and timely guide on how to get to Alba. My group of 10 for first week of September are all looking into this!

    See you soon.

  2. says: valentina

    Can somebody have information how is it possible to get to Torino from Barolo at night.In fact,I need information due to the concert night -Collaborazione festival 2015,summer,july.Because we will have accommodation at Turin and is there any night bus to Alba, or Turin or very early morning bus to Alba and then to Turin,but after midnight ,perhaps one hour after midnight or so?(We don`t have a car and probably, the taxi cost to much ?!)

    1. Hi Valentina,

      Thank you for reading. Unfortunately I do not believe a bus from Torino to Barolo exists. There is a bus from Alba to Barolo, but it only runs three times a day and there does not appear to be a schedule online. I would suggest contacting the GTT bus company, to see if they have any options that would meet your needs.

      Good luck!

  3. says: Daniel

    This is so thorough and clear! Thanks for putting this together! It is coming in very handy as my wife and I are planning a trip and have heard so many good things about Alba but weren’t sure if getting there is easy or convenient.

  4. says: Shailendra

    Thank you very much Valerie for an excellent guide…I want to travel from Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA) airport to Alba
    Google map show its a 10 hour train journey with 2 train changeovers…But I think google information is wrong..
    I am confused as I am first time travelling to Italy..
    Is train ok and safe to travel from Genoa to Alba and again back to Genoa after 3 days.
    Thanks in advance for helping me with..

    1. Ciao, Shailendra! Thanks for reading. I would suggest checking the Trenitalia website ( for exact routes and times. By my research it should a three to four hour train ride; likely with anywhere from two to four train changes. Getting to the Genova Piazza Principe train station from the airport should take under an hour. I would check Google Maps for a trip to the train station and consult Trenitalia for the train route into Alba.

      Train travel in Italy is safe. Just be alert to what’s going on around you, as is important for most anything travel-related. For some general Italy train travel tips, see my blog post How to do a Barolo day trip from Turin,

      Good luck with your travel planning and if you are interested in a wine tour, please let us know! Val

  5. says: Mike Rita

    Hi Valerie, We are flying into Milan in October and will be spending a week in Northern Italy. We booked our flight but are just now putting together our itinerary. We stumbled upon Alba and the white truffle festival and are thinking of adding it to our list. Would you recommend a saturday to monday stay here before heading to Florence or are we spreading ourselves thin considering we’re only in Italy for 7 nights? Also, would you recommend renting a car from Milan to Alba or is the train the best way to? Thanks!

    1. Ciao, Mike!

      The Truffle Fair is definitely worth a visit. And, if you are really interested in experiencing the truffle season, book a hunt! Yes, I’d Saturday to Monday is a good plan. Just make lodging and restaurant reservations early as everything books up far out these days.

      In terms of travel to Florence, Monday tends to have a lot of shop and restaurant closures, so it’s a good travel day. From Alba you are looking at about a 4 to 4.5 hour drive to Florence.

      I think it’s probably your best bet to do a car. Train travel into Asti or Alba from Milan is 3+ hours with multiple stops. And, that’s AFTER you get to Milano Centrale from the airport – at least 45 minutes. Getting to Florence is easier via Asti and through Torino by train if you want to do that. But, you’d have to figure out how / where to drop the car.

      Please be in touch if you have other questions or want any help with travel planning! Enjoy your trip!

      A presto! Val

  6. says: Catherine Soso

    I need to know you! You are a fun person. Planning a trip for a San Francisco base chef for this September. Looking for tours on 2 different days of Barolo and Barbaresco regions. Let’s work something out.

    1. Ciao, Catherine!

      Thanks for the note, what a nice thing to say! Email me at girlsgottadrink @ or get in touch through our tour page (upper right). Looking forward to discussing more!

      A presto! Val

  7. says: Joey

    Thank you for this guide!!! I heard of Alba because I love Ferrero Rocher. Do you know whether it’s possible to visit the factory there? Is there a Ferrero store there too?

  8. says: Tricia

    My querie is: I will be staying in a hamlet very near serralunga d’Alba from 15 th June for a week and although I can see the high and low temperatures I wish to know if I will need to take a jumper / warmer clothing for the evenings ? I shall be travelling light and want to avoid unnecessary stuff .
    I also react badly to moscittos so any favourite deterants anyone could tell me would be gratefully received !

    1. Ciao, Tricia!

      Thanks for reading! I would suggest keeping an eye on the temperatures as it gets closer and making the call at that point. Unfortunately it’s hard to gauge given natural variance from year to year. But, some long pants and long sleeve shirts and a light jacket are a good idea as it can get cooler in the mornings and evenings, especially in the countryside.

      Enjoy your trip! Val

  9. says: Cass

    Just a quick note to say thank you for your insight and will be driving from MXP to Alba on October 22, 2016. Also read your blog about restaurants in Alba, and have now emailed a reservation request to Caffe Umberto. Cheers!

  10. says: Kay

    Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for the really helpful info! I’m thinking of visiting Alba this December. Was wondering if it’ll be a good time though seeing that it’s after the Alba truffle festival. What are your thoughts?

    1. Ciao, Kay!

      Thanks for reading!

      Have you seen my post “When is the best time to visit Piedmont?” It gives some thoughts on the seasons. Early December is good because the crowds are gone, so the truffles and lodging are more cost effective. In addition, colder weather means better truffles.

      I think once you get past mid-December it’s hard, simply because people are starting to close for the holidays.

      Enjoy your time in the area and please let me know if you are interested in a wine tour!

      Cin cin! Val

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