Italy Proposal Ideas: Verona, Italy

Let’s talk Italy proposal ideas to make that life changing day simply magic – from Juliet’s Balcony in Fair Verona to the vineyards of the Valpolicella to a gondola ride in Venice, we’ve got the best setup in the romantic Veneto!  

I was recently visiting my travel planner partners in Verona, Italy and learned about their work coordinating engagements in Verona and the surrounding areas. They’ve gained such a reputation they do multiple every month!

I do Destination Weddings, elopements, and my first proposal last year, so I was excited to hear how they work and how I might be able to offer their services to my readers. If you are looking for a help with your Italy proposal, let me know! With their help, I can take care of you here, there, and so many other romantic places in Italy!

Italy proposal ideas beyond that magical moment on bended knee. 

From a secluded rooftop overlooking Verona’s majestic Arena to a beautiful vineyard backdrop during a wine tour, a sunset on Lake Garda to Juliet’s balcony, these Italy proposals ideas are custom fit for your personal love story. 

There are endless romantic places in Italy for that magic moment on bended knee, but after being inspired by what Virginia and Sara do in Verona, I thought we’d start with a focus there to give some ideas to anyone looking to add a proposal to their Italy travel.

A top place that comes to mind for proposals in Italy is Juliet’s balcony in Verona. Everyone loves the idea of incorporating the world’s most famous star-crossed lovers into their happily ever after. Virginia, the primary planner for the proposal programs in Verona, Italy incorporates different aspects and details to personalize it for every couple. And, because she has done so many proposals at Juliet’s Balcony she’s has a list of creative Italy proposal ideas to match to every couple’s personality. 

italy proposal ideas

Juliet’s Balcony Proposals: One of the Most Popular Places for Proposals in Italy

For planners, the Italian wedding proposal experience on Juliet’s Balcony means coordinating exclusive use of this heavily visited tourist site and managing the paperwork and bureaucracy so you enjoy the moment (if you know Italy, you know that’s a LOT of work). 

In addition to the (endless) paperwork, special touches include fresh flowers, sparkling wine, live music, a professional photographer, and unique details that match the couple’s personality. In many ways, they create an experience that tells a story of not only the proposal, but the couple’s love story. The day often extends beyond the proposal, making the lead up and / or the celebration after a piece of each couple’s personal fairytale. 

Italy Proposal Ideas: Make the most of the day

So many times the one proposing gets so caught up in the nerves of the actual moment that they miss out on so many incredible ways to celebrate their love and the new life they are about to start. With so many romantic places in Italy, Virginia and her team create a complete story that takes advantage of Verona, Italy’s incredible food, wine, and culture. 

Unique ideas for a full Italian proposal experience: 

  • Start with a dress-up and makeup session. Get fitted in Shakespearean attire, then have a professional stylist for makeup and hair. We’ve got plenty of ideas to make it a fun dress-up day without revealing the big moment early! 
  • A live musician takes the proposal to another level – violinist, opera singer, swoon! 
  • A visit to Club di Giullietta adds another element with an opportunity to respond to love letters sent to Juliet from all over the world, sneaking in a personal letter for the betrothed, and more. 
  • After the YES, move to a private rooftop balcony with incredible Verona views to toast and bask in the afterglow with the exclusive setting designed to your personality and style – from food and drink to decor, music to photographer. 
  • Be whisked away by private driver to celebrate with a Michelin-star dinner, a 5-star resort, a spa experience – the pampering options are endless. 
  • Extend time with the professional photograph for an engagement photo session all over Verona, capturing the city’s vibrancy, culture, and your love! 
  • More custom ideas come as we get to know each couple’s love story!

italy proposal ideas

Italy proposal Ideas: Beyond Juliet’s Balcony

Virginia and her team regularly custom design proposals in Italy. Here’s a sample list that had my heart all a-flutter! 

A Wedding Proposal Among the Vines

How about being whisked away to the rolling vineyard hills of the Valpolicella, arranging a special tasting experience with time in the vineyards for the big moment with a picnic or aperitivo, a hidden photographer, a violist, and more! 

proposals in italy

A Lake Garda Proposal 

Find yourself floating in the middle of Lake Garda on your private motor boat at sunset, wine at the ready. Maybe even a nearby boat with music playing (and those ever-important hidden cameras!) After the thrill of the YES, move to one of Garda’s lakeside Michelin-star restaurants to celebrate in style. 

A Gondola Ride in Venice

Does it get any more romantic than a private guided day in Venice, complete with an exploration of the city’s romantic charm? After eating and learning about the ancient city, find a gondola waiting for the ride of a lifetime, filled with a bottle of bubbles, flowers, and the photographer nearby to capture it all.  

Verona Center

Keep your experience in Verona, Italy’s vibrant city center. Soak in the city view from Castel di San Pietro or a private rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the ancient Arena. 

Wedding Proposals Beyond Verona, Italy

With Virginia’s help, I am excited to be able to offer Italian proposal planning services beyond her home of Verona – and my own work here in Piedmont. Her team also does Destination Weddings and elopements in Verona. Together, we can also organize elopement, or destination wedding planning in Rome, Florence, Sicily, and more. 

If you are ready to start planning, contact us and together we can start working on a list of your own personal Italy proposal ideas! Click to contact me for more information! 

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