A Guide to Verona: Wine, Food, & Love

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Guide to Verona: create your perfect visit to the Italian City of Love.

And, I’m back with more Verona travel tips. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I adore this Italian city. And, you also know I recently went back.

Since finishing my original guide to Verona series in 2018, I returned for another round of Vinitaly, then more recently as a guest of my pals at Romeo and Juliet Guide. So, I’m bursting to share more.

Verona travel info: Coming soon! 

In the coming weeks, I plan to add info on Verona day trips, Lake Garda tours, more on the Valpolicella wine region, and other tidbits. Stay tuned for all of it, please!

And, take advantage of my relationship with Romeo and Juliet Guide. Since so many of y’all have booked Verona tours with them after visiting Girl’s Gotta Drink, they want to offer you 5 euros off your next booking and I may have thrown in a little bubbly treat to make it more tantalizing – details below!

Verona Tour Offer

Verona Dining Guide: It’s Updated! 

Check out The Insider’s Guide to Verona Restaurants – it’s become the most popular post on the site this year – wow and thanks!!

My updates make it quite long, so I may make the overview of traditional food its own post on Verona cuisine with Valpolicella wine pairing recommendations. Drop me a comment if that is of interest.

But, in the short term, check out the updates for delicious Verona restaurants ideas.

New Verona restaurants include:

  • Baraldi Wine Bar: Easily one of the best Verona restaurants for its fantastic food, brilliant wine selection (dine-in and takeaway bottles!), and its vibrant energy. At Baraldi, it is easy to lose track of time over good eats and seemingly bottomless glasses – if you vacation like me, that’s what makes it perfect. And, sit near the plexiglass kitchen window to watch the chef do her thang!
  • Bacco Wine Shop: Also one of my new favorites in the city – an outstanding Verona wine shop and watering hole. Owner Franco is on tap serving you himself. Noteworthy: he also owns Baraldi Wine Bar. And, he loves nebbiolo, so I expect our new friendship to stand the test of time.
  • Ristorante Arche: A major historic find, now with the fifth generation at the helm. Traditional Verona food and wine with artistic, antique decor. Try the Veneto’s traditional bigoli pasta here – made the Verona way: Bigoli in salsa of salted sardines and onions. Wash it down with a local Valpolicella wine.
  • La Botteghetta in Padella: If you remember my love of La Botteghetta from my first go of the Verona dining guide, check out the shop’s new addition. Only about a minute walk from the deli, visit La Botteghetta in Padella for hot dishes – dine in or takeaway. And, check with Romeo and Juliet Guide on specialty Verona wine tastings here.

More on each location in the updated Verona dining guide!

Verona wine tasting
Franco, owner of Bacco Wine Shop and Baraldi Winebar. He loves his wine and can’t wait to share it with you. Do your Verona wine tasting here.
Verona restaurants for takeaway
Do some Verona wine tasting at the new La Botteghetta in Padella.
guide to verona: Bigoli in salsa
How the Veronese eat their bigoli: with a salsa of salted sardines and onions. Fine, traditional dining the historic Ristorante Arche.

Things to do in Verona

I haven’t updated my things to do in Verona listicle because I’m going to write more on Verona activities. So, stay tuned for more posts via the topics noted above to go into the Girl’s Gotta Drink guide to Verona.

New Verona activity highlights include:

  • Lake Garda wine tasting experiences and tours: Virginia of Romeo and Juliet Guide took me Lake Garda wine tasting with a small pinot noir producer. The visit includes a walk in the vineyard with the winemaker, a cellar tour, then a private tasting to learn about his vision and wines. I know very little about Lake Garda wines, so, I plan to do some digging to learn more and share it with you all. For now, remember that the Valpolicella wine region isn’t the only Verona wine tour option!
  • Verona tour featuring roman and medieval ruins: The ancient city of Verona spans Roman, medieval, and Renaissance periods. Explore the architecture, frescoes, and more.
  • Verona day trips: Okay, okay, okay – I know Venice is nearby and since some of my wine industry pals stay in Lake Garda and Vincenza during Vinitaly, I knew there were other interesting places in the vicinity. But, I had no idea there was so much to do around Verona! So, in the coming weeks, let’s explore Verona as a home base for more unforgettable experiences in Italy.
  • Verona cooking classes: Virginia organized a cooking class for me with the most delightful local chef. We visited her home where we made two traditional Verona pasta dishes and dessert. My action-packed Verona travel days with Virginia and Sara got the best of this mama, so I had to bow out before we ate the dolce. But, the chef was kind enough to wrap it up for me to eat at my hotel!
guide to verona travel
Lake Garda wine tasting adventure – in the vineyards with the winemaker.




best verona cooking class
Working for my dinner!
guide to verona
The best part of a Verona walking tour is soaking in the timeless magic on every street.

Guide to Verona Practical Information

The post I did on practical tips for Verona travel is also updated. Highlights include:

  • Verona parking information, tips on when to visit, where to stay, and more.
  • New Verona lodging: I added a new place to stay in Verona, Casa Valpolicella / Residenza Verona. Perfect for budget travelers – great location, breakfast included, super clean, right near Piazza Erbe, the wifi is great, and my room had the lovely little balcony. I felt a little like Juliet…sigh.
  • Updated event dates: Dates for the major events in the city are updated to help you plan your Verona travel.
guide to verona lodging
Antica Valopolicella / Residenza Verona right in the city center.

What else can I share with you to complete your personal guide to Verona?

Sorry, I can’t do individual itineraries, but I love hearing your interests to better plan my content.

The most economical part of my guide to Verona? Your savings on a Verona tour (or tours!) with Romeo and Juliet Guide. Find all their offers on their site, RomeoandJulietGuide.com.

My personal Verona tour recommendations with Romeo and Juliet Guide include:

  • Verona Food and Walking Tour: Food, Wine, Culture
  • Valpolicella Wine Tour with three wineries and a traditional (paired!) lunch
  • Lake Garda Wine Tasting Experience
  • Sirmione and Lake Garda Tour from Verona.
  • Amarone Wine Tour
  • Verona Cooking Class making two traditional pasta dishes and dessert

A Verona tour special that gives you a taste of the Langhe!

Verona Tour Offer

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My pals at Cantina Francone in Neive are shipping their Metodo Classico Valsellera rosé brut to Verona. Girl’s Gotta Drink readers, pick up your bottle during your tour.  

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guide to verona
One of my favorite moments from my recent Verona travel. Dave and Bridgett, pictured here with and carissima Virginia of Romeo and Juliet Guide, were stuck with me during their two-day program…and, what an amazing surprise to find out they found these lovely ladies via my site. It makes a girl feel good.



Please drop a note below on what more I can share about Verona travel! Let’s complete this guide to Verona together, friends!

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