An Insiders’s Guide to Verona Restaurants

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Enjoy our list of Verona restaurants for the best local of food and wine – Buon appetito! 

Our Verona travel is usually short and busy as our travels here usually take place during Italy’s International wine expo, Vinitaly. So, it limited my cultural exploration. But, that changed In 2017 when I connected with Virginia and Sara of Romeo and Juliet Guide.

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My Verona travel series

My growing relationship with Romeo and Juliet Guide – as friends and now as a marketing consultant – has given me a unique opportunity to take my Verona travels deeper. That means I have more to share with you, so I will be adding to this series!

And, take advantage of the deal I worked out for y’all (see above) – go visit Verona, friends! 

For more on Verona read:

Restaurants in Verona

Traditional food in Verona 

Let’s start with traditional Verona dishes. From there, see my list of the best places to eat, punctuated by Sara’s ‘best of’ picks for typical Veronese foods.

Foods of Verona: Primi 

Verona produces the top rice variety of Vialone Nano. So, try some risotto dishes when you visit:

  • Risotto all’Amarone: The base comes from the powerful regional Amarone della Valpolicella wine; a rich red wine made of grapes dried for three to four months before fermentation. The wine gives intense flavors and aromas of dried fruits, tobacco, and dried spices.
  • Risotto al Tastasal: Sausage-based risotto with ground pork, salt, and tons of pepper.
  • Risotto al Radicchio: The bitter Italian vegetable of radicchio is the base here. Onion, pancetta, and / or red wine give it a sweetness that keeps you coming back for more.  
Bigoli in salsa
A traditional dish in the Veneto: Bigoli pasta in salsa is very traditional around the Veneto, made with salted sardines and onions.

Verona Pasta:

  • Bigoli: The Veneto region’s signature pasta, bigoli looks like giant, thick spaghetti. Traditionally buckwheat flour was used to make bigoli, but today its got a darker finish from wholewheat flour. Variations around the Veneto region show up in the sauce. In Verona, bigoli is topped with duck (anatra), donkey (asino), and horse (cavallo) sauces. 
  • Gnocchi: In Verona, you traditionally see potato dumplings it served with horse meat stew. Yes, horse is a popular food in Verona. Let’s discuss.

Horse in Verona cuisine: Horse meat is often served as bistecca di cavallo (horse steak), sfilacci (shredded and cured), and pastisada (braised). The latter variation dates back to the 5th century AD. After the great battle between Italy’s King Odoacer and Ostrogoths’ King Theodoric, thousands of fallen horses littered the land. The starving locals ate the meat.

The size and texture required some creative thinking to tenderize it. So, it was marinated in red wine with spices and vegetables, then slow-cooked. The recipe has passed through generations.

Other main courses include beef cheek, veal liver, and cod.

Polenta: In Verona, the polenta is served soft and creamy, fresh off the stove or left to cool for half a day, then cut into squares and grilled slightly.

horse steak
Bistecca di Cavallo with polenta at Tre Marchetti.

Verona Restaurants: The Basics

Now that you some background on the main foods of Verona, let’s talk about coffee, gelato, aperitivo, and gastronomia.

L’arte del Gelato

Artisan gelato made with only organic ingredients.

Find it! Via Leoni, 3, Verona

Caffé Wallner

Sara of Romeo and Juliet Guide says it’s her favorite morning stop. The pastry chef comes from Southern Italy, so you get a mix of north and south traditions.

Sara recommends the typical pastry of Verona, Zaletto. Gluten-free travelers, rejoice! These soft biscuits are made of polenta.

If you do a Verona walking tour with Romeo and Juliet Guide, this is the first stop of the morning. Great coffee — and I agree — the pastries are divine.

Find it! Via Dietro Listone, 1, Verona

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La  Botteghetta (gastronomia)

I found La Botteghetta during our first Verone travel day with Romeo and Juliet Guide in 2018. According to Sara and Virginia, delicatessens like La Botteghetta are few and far between in Verona. We were treated to an incredible selection of local salumi and cheeses, and a glass of Soave. For your picnic or apertivo needs, visit here.

Find it! Via Leoncino, 31, Verona

Verona restaurants
Our fab local meat, cheese, and wine experience during a Romeo and Juliet Guide tour.

La  Botteghetta in Padella

A new addition, La Bogtteghetta in Padella is just around the corner from the original deli. Here, you get the same top-quality ingredients from local farmers as you do at La Botteghetta, but already made into mouth-watering Veronese cuisine.

Stock up on the meats and cheeses at the original deli, then make your way a short 30 meters away for the hot and pre-made fare – takeaway or dine in. And, check out their Verona wine tasting options. I was lucky enough to get a private tasting experience – loved the learnings and the wines were great.

Find it! Via Don Enrico Tazzoli, 1, Verona

Verona restaurants for takeaway
The downstairs tasting room and event space at La Botteghetta in Padella.
La Botteghetta offers an array of Verona wine tasting options – ask Romeo and Juliet Guide to set it up for you.

Hotel Milano & Spa – Terrace Bar (aperitivo)

Oh. My. God. The view. Hotel Milano sits behind the Arena with the most incredible view of the ancient structure. A great stop for drinks in Verona – aperitivo service goes from 15:00 to 21:00. Hotel guests can also indulge in the terrace jacuzzi.

I have designs on camping out here during an opera event one day…shhh!

Find it! Vicolo Tre Marchetti 11, Verona

wine in verona
Aperitivo with a view. The terrace bar at Hotel Milano.

Seconda Balena (aperitivo)

If you meander through the side streets near Verona’s busy pedestrian shopping street of Via Mazzini, you find this eclectic, historic bar / cafe / diner.
Seconda Belena is open daily from 11:30 to 23:30 with indoor and outdoor seating. Up to 30 wines on offer and the artisan food keeps the locals coming back for more.
A great stop for a before-dinner aperitif.
Find it! Vicolo Balena, 2, 37121 Verona
econda Balena Verona wine bar
The rustic, comfortable Seconda Balena sits on a quiet street, just off the buzzing Via Mazzini shopping district. Relax and soak in Verona.

Bacco Wine Shop

I was charmed by owner Franco of Bacco Wine Bar and Baraldi Winebar (winebar see info below). His passion is wine. Good wine. Really good wine. And, lots of it. And, that means food is important, too. He does not disappoint with either.

A tasting at Bacco Wine Bar could be the highlight of your entire trip. It’s a teeny tiny little space that bubbles with character and happiness.

Set up your wine tasting there through Sara and Virginia – Franc doesn’t speak English, so make sure you get his great stories via their translation. Then, visit him often during your Verona travel – for a tiny shop, he packs in the wine!

Find it! Vicolo Santa Maria in Chiavica, 3/B, Verona

Verona Wine Tasting Bacco_Wine_Shop
One of the very best Verona wine tasting experiences out there – don’t miss Bacco wine shop!

Piazza delle Erbe Verona
Verona enchanting Piazza delle Erbe is a mix of Roman remains, medieval relics, and the fading facades. The square itself is the oldest in the city, dating back to Roman times.

Verona Insider Dining Tip:

The locals don’t dine in the eateries surrounding the Arena (Piazza Bra). It’s just too darned expensive and crowded. They recommend heading to Piazza delle Erbe for Verona restaurants.






Verona Restaurants: Aperitivo and Dinner 

Endless amazing Verona restaurants exist, so naturally, my list is not an exhaustive list.

Use it as a starter guide for some of the best Verona Restaurants based on our time in the city as well as local favorites from Sara and Virginia.

Trattoria Tre Marchetti

Absolutely our favorite Verona restaurant! During a spontaneous overnight trip to Verona, we found it near our hotel, just behind the Arena. The menu features traditional cuisine of Verona and a great wine list.

Everything we’ve had here is amazing and the ambiance is fantastic. And, clearly, we are not alone in our love of Tre Marchetti. Two years running during Vinitaly, our table was reserved for Mr. Antinori of Marchesi Antinori. Not bad.

Find it! Tre Marchetti

  • Address: Vicolo 3 Marchetti, 19 / B – 37121, Verona
  • Phone: +39 045 8030463
  • Reservations: Recommended
Tre Marchetti Verona Travel
One of our all-time favorite restaurants in Verona – the food, the wine, the ambiance…Tre Marchetti is magical.

Ristorante Arche

A visit to Ristorante Arche is part of a Verona walking tour with Romeo and Juliet Guide. We enjoyed delicious bigoli pasta with a traditional sauce of sardines and salted onions. And, washed it down with a lovely Valpolicella.

The historical building dates back to 1420. It changed management several times and has remained under its current – or, as they say on their site, “new” – ownership since October 8, 1879. Five generations through today have run the restaurant: Giuseppe, Edoardo Gioco, Giuseppe Gioco, Giancarlo Gioco, and now Silvia Gioco.

Find it! Ristorante Arche

    • Address: Via Arche Scaligere, 6, Verona
    • Phone: +39 045 8007415
    • Reservations: Recommended
Ristorante Arche Verona
Enjoy lunch or dinner at the historic Ristorante Arche. The wine was perfect with our pasta, but the antique chairs really caught my eye!

Baraldi Winebar

Easily one of my new favorite places in the whole of Italy. Virginia of Romeo and Juliet Guide took me here one evening on a recent trip. We met with the owner and his son to brainstorm wine events to bring together Valpolicella and Barolo wines. Stay tuned for more information.

In total, the family has three location – the wine bar, also serving tasty food and wine to drink onsite or for takeaway as well as two enotecas / wine shops in the center of Verona. All locations are charming with a warm, welcoming feel, and handpicked wines from all over the world. Find Champagne here!

Find it! Baraldi Winebar

  • Address: Stradone Porra Palio, 50, Verona
  • Phone: +39 045 566393
Baraldi Winebar Best Verona Restaurants
Baraldi wine bar owner, Franco, was so excited to discuss Barolo that he picked one of his favorites to pair with our dinner. Nebbiolo forever, friends!
Winebar Verona
Aperitivo first, then grab a bottle for home – I like how they think here!


Our amazing dinner experience here was hosted by a wine producer during Vinitaly 2015 – perfect wine and food. They brought salted butter for the bread — even the Italians were fighting for it. And, the cellar has an ancient Roman wall.

Pick up goodies to take home from the front-of-house gastronomia.

Find it! Scapin

    • Address: Via Diaz 20-22, Verona
    • Phone: +39 045 800 3552
    • Reservations: Recommended

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Antica Bottega del Vino

A favorite places for a glass of wine, and not just for us. It definitely gets a best Verona restaurant label. During Vinitaly and just about any weekend it is standing-room-only.

Find a great wine-by-the-glass selection, unique flights as well as lunch and dinner of traditional food of Verona. Sara of Romeo and Juliet Guide says they have the best risotto with Amarone in town.

Find it! Bottega del Vino

  • Address: Via Scudo di Francia, 3, Verona
  • Phone: +39 045 8004535
  • Reservations: Recommended
Bottega del Vino Verona
Bottega del Vino is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. During the annual Vinitaly International wine trade show, it’s hopping with industry pros well into the night!

Best Verona restaurants: What a local says 

I am slowly working my way through Sara’s best Verona cuisine recommendations. If you get to some before me, let me know what you think!

Best Verona Restaurant Tips
Sara of Romeo and Juliet Guide is a sommelier and a Verona native. So trust that she knows food, too. Here picks for traditional fare.

Antica Trattoria Pero d’Oro

  • Address: Via Ponte Pignolo, 25, Verona
  • Phone: +39 045 594645
  • Sara Says: Traditional fare – the best bigoli in town!x

Hosteria La Vecchia Fontanina

  • Address: Piazzetta Chiavica, 5 Verona
  • Phone: +39045 457 6162
  • Sara Says: Traditional fare – best Pastissada de Caval (Veronese dialect for horse meat with polenta).
  • Open for lunch and dinner

Caffé Dante Bistrot

  • Address: Piazza dei Signori, 2, Verona
  • Phone:+ 39 045 800 0083
  • Sara Says: Caffé Dante is a great alternative if the idea of horse meat makes you queasy (sorry – it does me!). Try local prosciutto, soppressa, and salame nostrano here.
  • Open for lunch and dinner

Re Teodorico

Local food and gourmet pizza with the most panoramic view of Verona from the terrace. 

Find it! Re Teodorico

  • Address: Piazzale Castel San Pietro 1, Verona
  • Phone:+39 045 834 9903
  • Sara Says: Great typical food of Verona and gourmet pizza with an amazing panoramic view of Verona from the terrace. 
  • Reservations recommended
  • Open for lunch and dinner


And, there you have it – the Insider’s Guide to Verona Restaurants!

A huge thanks to Sara and Virginia of Romeo and Juliet Guide for the tips on the best Verona restaurants. On their full-day walking tour, experience some of these locations as well as traditional food in Verona.

Don’t forget to check out 7 Things to do in Verona for some ideas on activities while there as well as A Verona Travel Guide: 48 hours or more! for the fundamentals of visiting the city (when to go, where to stay, where to park, and more).

If you have some favorite Verona restaurants we should add to this list, please drop a note to let us know!

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