Cooking With Denise: May 2020 Featured Recipes & Wine Pairings


Here we go – recipes and wine pairing!

For years, I’ve wanted to do more with food and wine pairings, particularly helping with non-traditional pairing ideas for Piedmont wine. Well, the insanity of the past few months finally brought that to fruition. I am beyond excited to be able to present Denise Pardini of Castello di Sinio’s amazing recipes with Piedmont wine pairing tips.

Our recipes diverge from traditional Piedmont cuisine – not because we don’t love it. Of course, we do. But, because unless you live here, tajarin and brasato are not always readily available.

A few words on me for new readers joining from Denise’s community: I moved to the Langhe from Denver, Colo. in 2013. I started Girl’s Gotta Drink back then to help would-be travelers better navigate this magical wine land. The site just sort of took on a life of its own from content to my work designing travel experiences for area visitors.

The more I built my network here – and, my amazing reader and client community – the more fun it became, branching out to other regions, new projects, and more. So, here we are with this Piedmont food and wine collaboration with Denise.

Each month we’ll feature three of Denise’s recipes with my wine pairing notes. But, we have a ton of her recipes on the site and many more to come. Find the featured recipes and wines below the order sheet.

I’ll also be updating pairing ideas and notes as I remake recipes to try with wines I think to offer a good match. But without further ado…

Let’s get you some wine!

Please fill out your wine order and shipping details in the form below.

Note that we are working with Stefano and Elisabetta of Enoteca La Vite Turchese in Barolo on the wine fulfillment and shipping, so your order confirmation with the secure link for payment will come from them.

For more Piedmont wines on offer, click here and for our Mount Etna wine and education specials, click here (orders can be combined – and, stay tuned because when Denise and I can get caught up, we’ll start doing recipes for the Etna wines).

Shipping is included on 12+ bottles, including North America (the U.S.A. and Canada).

Cooking with Denise Wines Pairing Order Form: 

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May’s Featured Recipes:

Featured Recipe Pairings

Don’t miss any of Denise’s recipes!

  • How to Make a Wine-friendly Salad
  • The Castello’s House Vinaigrette
  • Featured salads: Bistrot Salad, Red, White, & Green Salad
  • Denise’s Balsamic Blueberry Chicken
  • Denise’s Basic Risotto Recipe
  • Sausage, Asparagus, & Mushroom Risotto
  • Denise’s Spring Stew with Lemon, Mint, & Glazed Carrots
  • Denise’s Yummy Basic Marinara Sauce
  • Denise’s Eggplant Parmesan Stacks
  • The Pantry Essentials: Get started cooking and wine pairing

Click for them all

Connect with us!

If you make the recipes and try the parings, please share photos with us via email or social media! And, we’d love requests – wines to pair with food OR food to pair with wines!

Denise Pardini, Hotel Castello di Sinio

Girl’s Gotta Drink

La Vite Turchese


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