Next Piedmont wine delivery: The Mamma Mia Offer!

piedmont wine delivery

How ‘bout another Piedmont wine delivery!? We call this the Mamma Mia offer because these wines are…MAMMA MIA!!

It’s been 4 months since our first Piedmont wine delivery offer. We didn’t expect the response to be so…good.

Truth is, we just hoped to find a way to keep people informed about the situation in Southwestern Piedmont during the Coronavirus lockdown, to hopefully help the community a bit, and maybe keep some money coming in for us, too.

Well, it went well and we are beyond proud.


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A moment in time I won’t soon forget. Yesterday’s reopening was greeted with sun and smiles, cappuccino and gelato, masks and gloves. #forzaitalia??

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A huge thank you to everyone who reached out during lockdown – to buy wine or just check-in. 

We raised about 1500 eu that was donated to local COVID-19 medical relief funds. In addition, we were able to connect wine lovers all over the world with some of our favorite smaller, lesser-known producers who will be most affected by the many variables of the shutdown.  

For me, the best part was reconnecting with clients, my social media community, and my local partners. The custom orders were my favorite. So special to have people trust me to develop their lockdown wine packages. 

Today, nearly two months after our lockdown was lifted, everyone’s head is still spinning a bit as we regain our footing. It finally feels like we have a better handle on new ways of working, managing with less support since few people are able to have their full staff back on. We also continue to adjust to the new way of life with limited physical contact, mask requirements, and spatial distancing. 

As we watch as COVID-19 continues to make its presence known all over the world, we remain committed to staying connected near and far. As a whole, we aren’t out of this yet. So our next offer honors all of that – where we’ve been and a look to the future.

With that, we’ve selected a rockstar list of wines, Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, Alto Piemonte, Barbera d’Asti…one current vintage, one older vintage, and some Riservas to give you a sense of the lasting beauty of these wines. 

Piedmont Wine: Experience the Evolution

One of my favorite wine tasting experiences I do with my Barolo wine tour clients is a side-by-side tasting of a current vintage and an older Barolo wine (usually 20+ years old). The side-by-side experience gives clients an understanding of the evolution – where we start and what we can expect when a Barolo gets time to age. It’s these moments that are some of the most magical in my programs, watching the light bulb moments and hearing the almost self-reflective words, “Oh. I get Barolo now.” 

Since this region is so much more than Barolo, we encourage you to try this tasting experience this with some of the area’s top wines with this Piedmont wine delivery. We’ve selected historic producers and new kids on the block, wines that you won’t find outside the area – limited quantity, small production Piedmont wine.

Every wine links to a recipe from my Cooking with Denise adventures

Have some fun with your Piedmont wine pairing adventures – all our recipes are easily made with pantry essentials. Also, check out my recent posts on pairing tips for Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera: 

This is the first big offer using La Vite Turchese’s new e-commerce site, so we ask for patience and understanding if you experience bugs. Message us directly with any bugs or difficulties.

For free shipping, use the promotional code above. Please keep in mind that is on orders of 12+ bottles (valid for the USA and Canada). For orders of 24+ bottles, we’ll send you a promotional code for 7 percent off your next order.

Also, wines can be held by La Vite Turchese in their cellar until temperatures are lower.

Quantities are limited, so place your order today!

Piedmont Wine Delivery: The Mamma Mia Offer

Franco Conterno, Metodo Classico Nebbiolo Brut

Sparkling nebbiolo – because of course, we start with bubbles. 

Only 3500 bottles from a special vineyard selection in September. The wine is a 2013 millesime (vintage), disgorged in late 2018, and drinking beautifully today, but will continue to evolve. Price: 44€

Scarpa Barbera d’Asti Superiore La Bogliona DOCG 2013

La Bogliona is Scarpa’s top wine and probably one of the most important expressions of barbera grapes in Piedmont. Its longevity easily exceeds 20 years.

A barbera with complex, elegant characteristics that will make you do a double-take. Made of grapes specially selected from the oldest part of the vineyard, then refinement for 30 to 36 months in oak barrels. Price: 48€

  • Tasting note: Intense aromas with plum, balsamic nuances. Dry and austere in mouth, pleasant acidity, with a mineral finish. 
  • Barbera Wine Pairing: Eggplant Parmesan Stacks.

Scarpa Barbera d’Asti Superiore La Bogliona DOCG 2006

Still skeptical about aging barbera? Give this a swirl. When I first started exploring Scarpa wines and tasted an older La Bogliona, I said “I didn’t know a barbera could taste like this.” Barbera is known for its great acidity, which many people don’t realize supports wine ageabilty. And, that also makes is uber food-friendly. 

The Bogliona vineyard area is divided into three plots with similar characteristics dominated by a 50 / 50 mix of sand and clay, giving power, elegance, saltiness, and minerality. Price: 62€

Antoniolo Gattinara DOCG 2014

When we talk about the nebbiolo of Northern Piedmont, we mentally transport to Gattinara in the Alto Piemonte. Sitting at the foot of the Alps, Gattinara’s vineyards of volcanic origin trace back to Roman times. The complex soil composition is rich in iron minerals, ideal for the cultivation of long aging nebbiolo wines.

Since the early 1950s, the Antoniolo family’s relentless passion has yielded memorable wines of traditional style. This Gattinara wine comes from 40-year-old vineyards and is aged 30 months in large oak barrels. Top wine. Price: 50€

Valfaccenda Roero DOCG 2017 / 2018

Nebbiolo wines from the Roero are elegant, bursting with aromas of red fruit and rich complexity in the mouth. Valfaccenda is a small cellar owned by a young winemaker using organic methods, producing limited quantities with insane quality. About one year in barrel and some months in bottles before release. Perfect now and in the future! Price: 36€

  • Tasting note: The mainly sandy soils give the wine freshness, finesse with hints of fruit and spices, perfectly blended for a dry and elegant finish.
  • Roero Nebbiolo Wine Pairing: Denise’s Bistrot Salad.

Porello Marco Roero Riserva DOCG San Michele 2015

One of the Roero’s most beautiful vineyards; south-west facing with soil rich in sand and clay. Thirty-two months in tonneaux and big barrel. About 1500 bottles for this Riserva, which will evolve over the next 15 years. Price: 42€

  • Tasting note: The wine expresses the extraordinary Roero aromatics of citrus, red fruits, and spices. In the mouth, it elegant but large and round, showing fine tannins and great freshness. 
  • Roero Riserva Wine Pairing: Denise’s Sausage and Asparagus Risotto.

La Ca’ Nova Barbaresco DOCG Montefico Bric Mentina 2017

One of the oldest Barbaresco winemaking families, producing wine for more than 100 years. Montefico is a beautiful vineyard in a lovely position. This is classic, authentic Barbaresco gets 20 months in barrel and another 12 in bottles. Price: 37€

  • Tasting note: The nose is phenomenal with hints of violet, spice, and red fruits. In the mouth, it shows freshness and acidity that give to the wine a sumptuous and pleasant sensation…Stefano says “I love it!”
  • Barbaresco Wine Pairing: Denise’s Red, White, and Green Salad.

Scarpa Barbaresco DOCG Tettineive 2006

Here’s a fun opportunity: get the 2006 Bogliona to compare / contrast the 2006 vintage in the Monferrato (Barbera d’Asti) and Barbaresco. The vineyards are roughly 24 miles / 40 km apart, so you can really experience climate variance by vintage. 

This classical vintage only began to soften and show its potential in the last few years. Aged in large barrels for 30 months and then in the bottle. Scarpa is a unique producer in the area who retains quantities of every important vintage to showcase the high quality and longevity of its wines. Only about 4400 bottles produced, all numbered by hand. Price: 93€

  • Tasting note: Floral and rose aromatics with a balanced, taut, and elegant mouth. Silky and sweet tannins give a deep, long finish. A masterpiece.
  • Barbaresco Wine Pairing: Denise’s Balsamic Blueberry Chicken. 
Denise’s Balsamic Blueberry Chicken. Photo courtesy of Denise Pardini, Castello di Sinio.

Paitin Barbaresco Riserva DOCG Vecchie Vigne 2011

A family with a deep-rooted connection to Barbaresco; eight generations of history and incredible wines.

Vecchie Vigne is certainly their most important bottle, a masterpiece of patience and dedication. Only made in the best vintages, from the oldest vineyard in the Serraboella grand cru. The vineyards were planted by the family between 1948 and 1953. 

Only 3000 bottles, 36 months of barrel aging, and all the remaining time in the bottle. Price: 99€

Raineri Barolo DOCG 2016

The 2016 Barbaresco and Barolo vintage is truly epic. Stefano says that of the 2016 Barolos he’s tried – and, he’s tried a lot – this impresses him the most. 

The winery was started in 2008 by a couple of guys who had worked at top cellars but wanted to produce their wines. They make fewer bottles of the highest quality. This Barolo brings together three small vineyards in Monforte with low yields and 24 months in barrel. Price: 49€

Giovanni Manzone Barolo DOCG Bricat 2008

The 2008 vintage has got to be one of my favorites. The elegance and richness have made it approachable and just gorgeous since its release. And, it just keeps getting better. 

The Manzone family has been making Barolo wine since 1925. They own all the vineyards, which are in the top areas of Monforte. Their incredible Barolo wines are the result of maniacal and uncompromising vineyard work and long aging in large barrels. Bricat is the oldest part of the Gramolere cru with 60-year-old vines. The wine is bottled after 40 months in big barrels and 30/40 days of skin contact. Complex and elegant Barolo. Price: 78€

Paolo Manzone Barolo Riserva DOCG Meriame 2013

Paolo Manzone is a producer of clear style and ideas. Through meticulous vineyard and cellar work, he producers top, complex wines. 

Meriame is among the most important vineyards in Serralunga d’Alba. Great exposure and 70-year-old vines for this incredible Riserva Barolo wine. Low per hectare yields are less than half the norm with 3 years in large cask, 2 years in cement, and 1 year in bottle. About 2000 bottles produced, only in the best vintage. Price: 70€

  • Tasting note: All the signature Serralunga power and structure, complex, and enveloping with great length and depth. It will express itself at the highest level for many years. Truly an outstanding, memorable wine.
  • Barolo Wine Pairing: Denise’s Oven Roasted Pulled Pork with Barbecue Sauce.

To get your Piedmont wine delivery order, click here.

We’re excited to report that La Vite Turchese now has their e-commerce site up and running, so follow the link to easily place your order. If you want a custom order, just note it or drop me a note to get it rolling.

Also, please leave a message in comments or on social media (Facebook and Instagram) with other regions you’d like us to explore in both content and wine offers. Finally, if you try the food pairings and recipes, let us know how they go!

Enter Promo Code “Happy-Ship” for FREE shipping* (valid for orders of 12 bottles+) on your Piedmont wine delivery. Orders of 24+ bottles, get 7 percent off the next order (code will be sent to you)! Quantities are limited!

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